Employers and their insurance companies are aware today of the enormous risks and costs associated with employee drug use. It is well known how substance abuse problems can cause absenteeism, workplace accidents and poor productivity as well as many other issues. The total amount this problem causes employers in the United States has been estimated to be as much as $81 billion. This is why many businesses have developed a no-tolerance policy for drug use.

Random drug testing has become common for many companies, but very few are able to actually follow through. A single drug test prior to employment and Ez Key Cups and Test at www.RapidDetect.com one each year during a company physical, if required, is generally all that is done. This has often been because it can be costly and inefficient to stop people from doing their work and send them to a clinic for testing, especially when there is no definite evidence of a problem.

That no longer needs to be the case. It is possible for Drug Tests to be administered on site, quickly and accurately. With the help of Rapid Detect's Drug Test any company can have the tests on hand to use at any time. Whether it is for a company-wide random test or to get results the moment a workplace incident occurs. They offer both urine and saliva tests, drug and alcohol kits and a variety of methods to perform the testing itself.

The tests are easy to order, can be stored at room temperature in most instances and will provide test results in a matter of minutes. Employers are able to check for alcohol use as well as a variety of different drugs including cocaine, PCP and marijuana.

These tests make it faster and less expensive for all employers to track the behaviors of their employees and potentially improve their productivity and reduce the amount of accidents which occur in the workplace. With a responsible and comprehensive policy in place many companies are also able to save money on their insurance costs as well.

The Drug Tests at RapidDetect.com are inexpensive, provide immediate results and are guaranteed to be accurate. Many are also designed to be exceptionally tamper-resistant so you know you can trust the results you receive.

Rapid Detect tests may not be able to stop all workplace drug use, but it can help to make employees reconsider their behaviors. When these tests are used in conjunction with an effective drug treatment program, the possibility for saving money and the health of your employees will increase substantially.