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Run Swift on Windows 10 (WSL method)
Quick and easy tutorial to run Apple's programming language on Windows. As Apple has not officially provided a port of Swift to Windows (September 2016), the benefits of this method is the use of Glibc on Windows without the need for virtualisation nor dual booting Text version of video: And here's that weird swift code: WSL: Swift: Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds: JPB - Defeat The Night (feat. Ashley Apollodor): JPB ➞ ➞ ➞ ➞ Ashley Apollodor (vocalist) ➞ ➞ ➞
(protothreads ftw!) #Arduino #Buzzer #Christmas...
Merry Christmas for 2015! Code is Open Source here (under the MIT License): Just a quick demo of an Arduino application that plays familiar Christmas Carols. The conversion from Midi to Frequency/Tones (for Arduino's Tone function) is made with the web app below: More directly, the midis used in the production of this demo is linked below: Joy to the World: We Wish you a Merry Christmas: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer: Jingle Bells:
Pave the Way Event 2015
Here's what the University of Sydney's University Lawns looked like during the 2015 Pave the Way event. A jumping castle... really? LG G4 4K Recording Test/Sample Source video:!VUdTTRrA!kLsljTpThx9ni1smUFW75BtjQDlgubHgA8OgD-Q8pcs
Asphalt 8 - v1.9 Windows 8 Hack
This video was made to demonstrate that the Asphalt 8 hack works, alongside some additional steps that you should take to guarantee that the hack does not fail to function/get your banned. There's plenty of scammy survey download offers lying around, and K!R@N releases a tool without a survey that does the trick. Link to the video of where you can download the hack is here: Song: Hardwave - Set U Free --
Download From Slideshare Desktop
DOWNLOAD HERE: Tutorial steps Step 1: Find a presentation to download. There's heaps of interesting ones at: Step 2: Download the Application for your OS (Windows XP 32-bit+, Linux 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.6+) @ Step 3: Run App & Input URL Step 4: Click "Download" & Wait Step 5: There is no Step 5 You're done! Bonus: To convert to PDF, just print the HTML page to PDF. Background:!VVE3iSIT!fW5mOaxqlfanF8TBkYiYS7ytReUmMYe_lK9YqJN46Aw (CC0, 8000px by 5000px) Icon: Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds: SirensCeol - Nostalgia: SirensCeol ➞ SoundCloud ➞ Facebook ➞ Twitter
Asphalt 8 - Tokyo Class A
Perfect run, no wrecks. Song: Hardwave - Infected (D-Mind Remix) Hardwave: D-Mind: Unedited footage (without music) here: Feel free to play your own song on top
Andromeda Galaxy Zoom Out (8K)
This render took 5x the time (40 hours) more then the previous render (8 hours). 8K is challenging. It isn't easy. Why? Well, putting aside the computational power that you need, there isn't many codecs available to encode 8K content (the de-facto mp4 codec h.264 tops out at 4K, VP8 tops out at 4K, you wouldn't want to be rendering 8K footage as an AVI). But there's two mainstream codecs that support 8K so far, VP9 and H.265. VP9 (webm) is easy. It's efficient, easy to process, is fairly mature, and runs quickly on a machine with a moderate amount of power - but YouTube cannot process 8K @60 FPS properly. Heck, not even 4K, or 1080p, or 720p. H.265 though... Apparently, YouTube does not support it at all. Maybe since H.265 takes a magnitude greater power for the same workload as VP9. Just so much CPU Processing Power used, it's incredible. But the file size is smaller then webm, and the quality is perhaps higher. In anycase, this vide...
Tutorial: Convert Midi to Arduino
What's the first idea in your mind when you encounter a buzzer? Make it play a song! But how do you get an Arduino to play a midi? Midi song used: Heaven - Fleuron-128: Original song: Heaven (feat. Delaney Jane) - Shaun Frank & KSHMR:
Tutorial: Free RAM disk on Windows 7/8.1/10
If you have unused RAM, and would like to speed up the load times of games to a speed that's faster then your SSD, then follow this tutorial to create a RAMdisk without paying an unreasonable amount of money. This tutorial works on Windows 10. Programs: - imdisk: Code: imdisk -a -s -30G -m X: -p "/fs:ntfs /q /y" Music: - Track Name: Boba Beach - Artist: Grynpyret - Soundcloud: - Soda Island: - Grynpyret (Green Parrot): TL;DR: Free, open source, RAM disk ("RAMDrive", "RAMDisk") for Windows 10
#RaspberryPi #GPIO #Arduino #Buzzer
A more advanced realisation of the video here: The buzzer on the Raspberry Pi's GPIO Pins sounds really half-hearted in comparison to the Arduino. Want the source code? Here's a direct link to the tool + midi.
Force Creator - Reign (Radio Edit) (360°)
Audio - Force Creator —— Soundcloud: —— Instagram: - 'Reign (Radio Edit)' by 'FORCE CREATOR', under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License Image - 'Trinity River, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, California' by 'Bob Dass', under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 License Specs - 38 hours of rendering (broken into 4 portions of rendering stages) - 30FPS (60FPS isn't supported for 360 degree videos at this point in time) - 4096x2048 (downscaled from 6144x3072) - 7 Days of Hit and Miss.
Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (Jarvis Remix) [4K]

Track Download: Galantis: Soundcloud - Facebook - Jarvis: Soundcloud - Video footage: 2014.7.16 台鐵 平溪線 深澳線 雙支線 改點運轉 4707次 菁桐 - 海科館 路程景 DR1000型柴油車 Music

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