Skylights are a wondrous opportunity to introduce natural light into a residential property. By increasing the flow of natural light, homeowners could reduce the cost of electricity during the day. With the right design, installation, the homeowner could split the cost of energy consumption in half. To achieve this goal, the homeowner should begin by consulting the exterior remodeling in Indianapolis hiring guide to find a contractor.

Evaluating the Framing

The first task when installing a skylight is to determine if structural engineering skills are needed. Truss framing is a major requirement for a skylight installation. Truss framing is a major component of roofing. Typically, the measurement for the truss is just over twenty-two inches.

If the skylight installation fits within these parameters, the contractor won't need to cut the framing. A larger installation does require cutting. When this is the case, the homeowner should ask the contractor if they possess these engineering skills. If the contractor lacks this training, the homeowner has to hire an engineer.

Can They Install the Skylight Through the Attic?

Properties that have an attic lead to some issues when installing a skylight. The first issue is existing wiring. The contractor must possess electrical and HVAC knowledge to determine if it is possible to relocate the wiring or plumbing lines. They must also understand the requirements for preventing structural damage during this task.

The next issue is determining if they should install a chase. This addition is a strategically-framed tunnel that forces light through the attic to the skylight. The contractor must possess the skill set needed to construct this complex fixture. The homeowner should review the basics of these installations and test the contractor's knowledge of how to construct them.

Maintaining Curb Appeal

Older constructions may not accommodate a skylight installation as well as newer properties. The homeowner should ask the contractor about their plans for the installation and how it could affect the property's curb appeal. It is best to ask for a 3-D model of the installation. Most contractor utilize drafting software to create designs. This helps the homeowner to choose the right design for their property.

A skylight installation presents the homeowner with the opportunity to acquire a beautiful addition for their property. However, if installed incorrectly, it could lead to water leaks and serious property damage. To avoid these probabilities, homeowners should start their search for a contractor by reviewing the FREE exterior remodeling hiring guide for Indianapolis residents now.