Traditional marketing strategies are quickly falling by the wayside because they are becoming less and less effective. Satellite radio stations and streaming of television programs means fewer and fewer consumers are being exposed to commercials. Online shopping is getting more popular, so displays and advertising posters at the mall are not seen by very many people. Even billboards are pretty much ignored because vehicle passengers are looking at their personal electronic devices. Direct mailings and postcard campaigns meet with success, but only if the right target audience is reached. Some businesses are at a loss for how to market new products.

Social media campaigns are successful, if the advertisements can make some kind of connection with the audience. Attention spans are shorter, so if there is nothing memorable about the tweet, that facebook announcement, or that latest YouTube video, it will not get noticed. Marketing strategies have to be engaging, exciting, creative, and interactive, or they will fail. If sales are less than stunning, and marketing dollars are not providing a decent return on the investment, it may be time to seek out a marketing company with experience in things like brand activation, experiential marketing, and guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing utilizes unconventional ways to promote products and make them stand out from the competition. Road shows, wild postings, flash mobs, and viral marketing are some examples.

If guerrilla marketing is unconventional, then What Is Experiential Marketing? It consists of activities and live marketing that involves the customer in the creation of the marketing program. Getting the customer to make an emotional or physical connection to the product by using as many senses as possible will help increase their investment in the product. Samples of a new lotion, for example, are handed out to people in the central park. They are able to smell it, feel it, and experience it on their skin. Ask them what they think of the product, or if it brings up any memories of a place or event. They instantly have a connection with that product. They will spread the word to their family and friends, recount the experience to coworkers, and post about it on their social media pages. That product will increase in sales, the word of mouth will provide free advertising, and the product promotion will be a great success. The keys to success for these strategies are thinking outside the box and event planning. If the correct target audience is not reached, or the event happens at the wrong place or time, the opportunity is gone. Seek a company with proven successful events in their past experiences before trying these strategies.