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Have You Seen Beyoncé’s Tanzanite Ring?

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Celebrities are known for buying expensive jewelry for themselves and their loved ones, and the rings and necklaces that they purchase can be beautiful examples of the best of a certain type of gemstone. Engagement rings are no exception to this, and often the most elaborate and expensive rings ever created (especially custom designed) were […]

How to Tell The Difference Between Tanzanite and Sapphire

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Have you heard of the gemstone tanzanite or have you ever received tanzanite jewelry? This beautiful, extremely rare gemstone and relatively new addition to the world of jewelry comes from only one place in the world – a few mines at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, Africa. Tanzanite jewelry, when cut and set, […]

Tanzanite Diamond Engagement Rings – Will She Say Yes?

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When it comes to picking the right ring for your engagement, you want to make sure that ring is the perfect pick. I’m sure you’ve thought about several ring types and price points – and hopefully you’ve considered the personality and style of your future fiancé. With tanzanite diamond engagement rings, there are so many […]

The History of the Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

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The tennis bracelet is a classic jewelry piece that has become increasingly popular across the U.S. and worldwide, and a tanzanite tennis bracelet is a discriminating choice for anyone choosing a gift for their loved one. But a gift is more interesting and meaningful when you know the history surrounding it, so in this post, […]

How to Clean Your Tanzanite Ring When It Starts Turning Cloudy

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Tanzanite rings are incredibly beautiful, and the perfect accessory to add a bit of color and “pop” to whatever wardrobe you happen to be wearing. In fact, tanzanite is such a versatile colored gemstone, most people find that their tanzanite ring goes with every outfit they have—regardless of whether you’re headed out for a night […]

How to Choose White Gold Tanzanite Rings

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White gold tanzanite rings offer a subtle yet stunning beauty that any ring-lover will adore. Many gemstone wedding bands are white gold tanzanite rings, as the sapphire-colored gemstone Tanzanite symbolizes eternal truth and a higher love – making it the perfect stone for the spiritual and secular alike. If you’re thinking about purchasing a white […]

Tanzanite Stud Earrings – Why We Love Tanzanite Studs

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If you’re a child of the 1980s, you’re no stranger to stud earrings, but if you stashed away your studs when you trashed your fanny pack and four-fingered rings, it’s time to reopen your collection! Studs are back and more popular than ever—especially gemstone versions like tanzanite studs. These beautiful and understated earrings come in […]

Amethyst Gemstone

The seductive lilac amethyst is a much coveted gemstone and a frequent part of the royal and imperial collections. Believed to guard the wearer against getting intoxicated, the word amethyst comes from the Greek word 'amethysts' which means un-intoxicated. This beautiful purple gem is one of the most loved colored quartz crystals and also stands as the birthstone of February – the amethyst's lilac being a transition between the cool winter blues and the crimsons of spring and summer.

Said to protect against various natural and unnatural disasters, different cultures attribute special powers to the magnificent amethyst crystal – often taking it as far as an object of protection against locusts, snakebite, evil spirits etc.

The amethyst's spiritual meaning in that of trust, loyalty and piety hence making it a favorite of the catholic clergy and papacy. However in common crystal energy levels the amethyst is said to enhance friendship. Amethyst has a cleansing and calming effect on the wearer – this stone of February has established its place in both medicinal as well as spiritual uses of crystals and precious gems.

The trust cause of the purple in the amethyst has eluded gemologists till recently – the conclusion being that the hue is because of iron and certain radioactive radiations. While similar to quartz in composition, amethyst has a stratified crystalline structure, often causing layers of varying shades. This makes it extremely hard to find a large amethyst stone of even color, though it is mined in most parts of the world.

The chemical composition of an amethyst is such that it changes color when heated to as little as 250 degrees, introducing browns, reds and yellows as a substitute to the existing lilac. These changes are a proof that the amethyst's color is sensitive to heat and is also seen to lose its color in the sunlight making it unsuitable for daily or frequent outdoor wear. Amethyst Gemstones got excellent with tanzanite rings and jewelry as Tanzanite Rings HQ points out.

Much like morganite, the subtle purple amethyst adds an accent to any office wear outfit without drawing undue attention to itself or looking out of place. The amethyst's high 7 on the Moh scale of hardness also makes it easy to convert into delicate jewelry as it can bear pressure.

High grade amethyst gems are found in the African states of Brazil and Uruguay, followed closely by mines in Madagascar. A few amethyst mines are found in North America and Canada as well, as well as in the Russian Urals. Amethyst mines are widespread across the globe and are found in parts of Asia as well.

Recently discovered amethyst mines in South America has caused amethyst gem prices to fall, but in reality prices vary with quality which in turn is dependent on where they are mined from. For example Uruguay has the deepest colored amethysts but they are invariable externally or internally flawed whereas Brazil's perfect amethyst crystals are a placid lilac in hue. Madagascar amethyst's are saturated with often splashes of violet and red. Like most others, the amethyst too is threatened by synthetic substitutes to caution why shopping from untrusted sources is strongly recommended.

An amethyst is a stone you cannot go wrong with, be it as a representation of your loyalty to someone or as your birthstone, as a stone of royal standards or as a mere accent to your outfit.

How to Clean Your Tanzanite Jewelry at Home

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If you’ve purchased a tanzanite ring or tanzanite pendant, chances are you’ve done some research on this beautiful, rare gemstone. If that’s the case, you probably know that tanzanite is not as durable or scratch-resistant as, say, a diamond—but that it isn’t incredibly weak or flimsy either. Yet despite its mid-range durability, you always want […]

How to Purchase a Conflict-Free Tanzanite Bracelet

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What does it mean for a gemstone to be “conflict free” or ethically sourced? If you’re thinking about purchasing a tanzanite bracelet or any piece of precious stone jewelry, you might want to consider the source of that stone and its history. For a gemstone to be ethnically sourced, it should not have financed a […]

The Tanzanite Necklace – New Celebrity Darling

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Have you noticed that the tanzanite necklace and tanzanite jewelry have become popular with celebs lately? We certainly have! From Beyoncé sporting a big blue tanzanite ring (a gift from Jay Z perhaps?!) to Anne Hathaway sporting a beautiful deep blue dress and tanzanite earrings at the Oscars to Cate Blanchett wearing a tanzanite and […]

Where Does Tanzanite Come From?

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You might love your tanzanite jewelry and cherish its bold blues, pretty purples, and vibrant violets, but have you ever asked yourself why your tanzanite ring or pendant is so popular, and also rising in popularity? Did you know that tanzanite is rare, and becoming rarer? Where Does Tanzanite Come From? Natural tanzanite is mined […]

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