As demands for data and bandwidth climb ever higher, old-fashioned copper cable has to work harder to keep up. The 10 megabit per second connections that were once the standard have been outmoded for years, with such narrow pipes now being confined mostly to out of the way DSL hookups and ancient, little-used labs. Even 100 megabit Ethernet now seems quaint to many, with the ten or so megabytes of download capacity per second it most often offers in practice being insufficient for many media- and science-related needs.

Fortunately, there are ways of getting even older Ethernet installations to handle more data and thereby be of greater use. One offshore supplier of magnetics modules aimed at enabling more modern Ethernet standards and speeds provides a wide range of products that can be used to coax more performance even from older networks.

Offering such conveniences as power over ethernet and built-in wake-on-LAN functionality, the modules can be applied in contexts where a lack of those features would otherwise be a deal breaker. That means that these more capable Ethernet devices can work smoothly even into networks and setups where existing commitments forbid much in the way of change, so that speeds can be improved without overly upsetting the status quo.

Figuring out exactly which products will be needed to upgrade a given network is fairly easy, too. Most suppliers offer simple, straightforward parts-choosing tools that can be used to lock down all of the necessary options, making filtering through a large catalog of varied products as easy as could be. A prospective user might only need to select desired application speed, circuit capabilities, port quantities, and profile to be presented with a number of modules that will fulfill all the listed requirements.

Thanks to such possibilities, then, even network installations which had been becoming long in the tooth may well have long lifetimes ahead of them. As those who rely on such networks are able to get more service out of them, they may be able to invest more in other, more productive ways, a fact that can help to make their organizations even more efficient.