I'm Tracy Connor – a college senior with clear goals about my future. I want to continue my education to graduate school and get a Master's degree in Sociology. However, there is one little problem standing on my way: academic writing. I know… all students complain about the same thing. College teachers have gone crazy with their essays, lab reports, research papers, book reviews, article critiques and whatnot.

When I'm stuck with a project, I usually hire a custom-writing service to write my essay. I've had some hits and misses with these services, but the overall impression is positive. I figured that I can always get the quality I need if I choose the service carefully and make sure to get my rights as a customer. The only disadvantage of ordering papers online is the price: although the websites I choose are relatively affordable, it costs quite a bit to order multiple papers online.

A month ago, I had a serious problem: three important papers that needed to be done in no time! I had no intention on tackling the projects myself; my schedule was booked with extracurriculars. I needed a research paper for my Social Sciences course, a book review on Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, and an essay from the niche of Political Science. You'll agree with me on this one: that's a lot of work for a busy student.

I wanted to choose three different services because of a simple reason: the discounts for new customers are always better. I went through several reviews and had few options to choose from, but decided to go for RushMyEssay.com, BestEssayWriting.org and EssaysCapital.com as three services that my friends recommended the most.

I really needed the highest grades on all three projects, so my expectations were high.

The Verdict – Comparison of 3 writing services

1. RushMyEssay.com

Sociology is my major in college and I'm really interested in different courses associated to this niche. Nevertheless, academic writing is hard even for these assignments. I find that a peculiar thing happens when I'm too attached to the topic and really want to do my best to complete the paper: it's even harder to write satisfactory content.

I've hired other writing services for Social Sciences projects, but didn't find those papers impressive. I guess my requirements are too high when it comes to this niche. Anyway, I had to complete a paper on radical feminism, which was an especially challenging topic for me.

I wanted to receive well-researched paper that painted a realistic picture of radical feminism, but wanted to show this movement as an extreme, without making all feminists look silly. Of course, I always need the highest grades in this course, so I wanted a real expert to write my paper.

Placing the order

My first impression of RushMyEssay.com was really positive. The website is very functional and I could find all information I needed. The Samples section is an added bonus; I saw some decent papers from the sociology niche, so I expected to get a knowledgeable writer to work on my project.

The process of placing an order was effortless. RushMyEssay.com doesn't require new users to register, verify profiles and then place their orders. The order form includes contact information, so the registering and ordering stages are combined in one simple step.

I assigned the topic of the research paper, chose the subject area and level of quality (Premium), number of pages, academic level (Undergraduate), and number of sources I wanted the writer to use. There was a blank space that enabled me to specify the details, so I made sure to provide guidelines for the writer.

The price

This service is not the cheapest option on the market, but I wasn't looking for the cheapest one in the first place. I wanted a company that offered a nice balance between the prices, quality and urgency levels, and that's exactly what I got.

I set a deadline of 5 days, opted for Premium Quality and got a quote of $23.99 per page. Since I needed a paper of 7 pages, the price estimation was $167.93. The price chart is awesome; you choose the product, niche and number of pages, and get instant estimations for all available deadlines and quality levels.

The discount code for new customers was already applied in the order form, so I got 22% off and ended up paying $130.99. I would say that this price is quite reasonable, considering the fact that I expected to collaborate with an expert and had great expectations about the project.


The customer support at RushMyEssay.com was non-stop available. I contacted the representatives several times to make sure that my paper would arrive on time, and they always answered immediately. The company also provides a US toll-free number and an email address as contact options, but I didn't need to use them.

My writer was also available for contact during working hours. Of course, I used that opportunity to see if he understood my instructions. My project was assigned to a writer with Master's degree in sociology, so he clearly knew how to tackle the issue without making the discussion too narrow.


First of all, I was happy with the secure connection at RushMyEssay.com. I didn't experience any issues with the website. The policies are transparently featured in the Terms and Conditions section. Although the language of these policies is legal, I could still understand my rights as a customer.

Basically, the company guarantees high-quality writing, timely delivery, and customer's satisfaction according to the instructions provided in the order form. If the service is responsible for violating any of these guarantees, the customer gets a refund. That's good to know, but I'm glad my order wasn't associated to such issues.


The writer respected the 5-day deadline. In fact, he delivered the completed research paper one day early, which was quite a surprise. The customer support representatives and the writer himself ensured me that the content would be ready on time, and that's exactly what happened.


Since the paper arrived early, I had enough time to check it in details and ask for revisions if necessary. The quality of this research project was extraordinary. I always find flaws in the papers I order online, but that wasn't the case this time.

The writer conducted a thorough research and cited many relevant resources to support the main thesis. The thesis statement wasn't surprising (considering the fact that radical feminism is quite a controversial topic), but it was nicely balanced and believable.

The writer maintained proper academic language and formatted the paper correctly according to Turabian citation style. I didn't need to ask for any revisions.


I am not exaggerating when I say that RushMyEssay.com is the best writing service I've ever used (and I'm quite experienced with these companies). The entire process was stress-free and I got an awesome paper that exceeded my expectations.

2. BestEssayWriting.org

This website was recommended to me as the best choice for literature reports and reviews. Since the friend who recommended this always submits awesome reviews and my professor loves her, I decided to trust her.

This review was on Anna Karenina – a book that I read two times without forming a clear impression. My professor asked us to be the judges of the main characters and analyze their actions in correlation with the society's imposed values. I provided those instructions and requested a very creative paper based on personal opinions.

Placing the order

Same as the previous website, this company combines the steps of registration and ordering into one. I cannot think of a single disadvantage so far, since everything functioned smoothly when I placed the order. The form is quite simple to complete; I chose the quality level, type of product, number of pages and all other specifications for my project.

Since this was a short review of only 3 pages, my budget allowed me to spend extra for the VIP Service package (which includes VIP support and professional proofreading, and the order is delegated to one of the top 10 writers in the category).

The price

Again, I went for Premium Quality, since my experience with writing services has taught me that Standard Quality is not enough for my needs. I chose the deadline of 7 days, so the quote per page was quite reasonable ($22.99). I needed 3 pages of content, so the final price was estimated at $68.97.

This was my first time using BestEssayWrting.org, so I applied a discount and got 19% off. The discount is not as great when compared with the first choice on my list, but still reduced the price to $55.87. I paid additional $21.13 for the VIP Service package. Overall, this is a decent price for a high-quality paper.


I've been really frustrated with other services whose representatives cannot even speak plain English, but this website was a really pleasant surprise. Since I was treated as a VIP customer, so the representatives of the support system were very effective in providing assistance and I was attended immediately. They were really attentive and informed about my order.

The writer was always accessible through a direct messaging system. I contacted her twice, and got a bit delayed answers. Nevertheless, she was kind enough to respond to my messages and asked if I needed anything else.


There were no problems with the connection. The website is completely safe and my payment was securely processed. BestEssayWriting.org doesn't have a separate page where the guarantees are elaborated, but does provide access to its clear Terms and Conditions.

The company protects each customer's privacy, ensures convenient ordering process and timely delivery, provides refunds in case of order termination, offers free revisions and guarantees the client's satisfaction. That was enough to convince me.


Since I set a deadline of 7 days for a short book review, I expected the order to be prepared a little early. I got it only one hour before the deadline, but that's still an advantage. I've used other services that delayed the orders and refused to provide refunds, so I was a bit stressed waiting for the paper. However, BestEssayWriting.org delivered the piece right on time and I'm really happy about that.


The paper was extraordinary. Personally, I've never written such an elaborate book review and think that my professor hasn't seen a better one. The writer had strong opinions about Karenina's character, but analyzed Karenin and Vronsky as well.

I approved the paper right after I reviewed, since I was utterly impressed.


I definitely recommend BestEssayWriting.org for students who decide to order papers online. The prices are reasonable, the discount for new users is decent and the website is safe. What's more important, the quality of the products is superb. I was very satisfied with the VIP Service package and don't regret making that investment.

3. EssaysCapital.com

I chose this website for my Political Science research paper. It was a tough one. I needed an elaborate research on the growing politicization of media in modern democracies. The discussion needed to be supported with facts, statistics, and expert opinions.

This seemed as an interesting topic, so I tried conducting my own research and found nothing valuable. The information was usually associated to countries I've never heard of, and I couldn't resonate with the reports. So, I decided to entrust the project to EssaysCapital.com – a service with a simplistic website and solid guarantees.

Placing the order

As I said, the website is really simplistic. It was easy to complete the order form and submit it. Although it was my first time using the service, I managed just fine and placed the order in less than 15 minutes. I uploaded some resources in the order form, since I didn't want my efforts to go in vain. I instructed the writer to use them when applicable. This was a lengthy paper of 7 pages, so I didn't want to spend more money on any extra features.

The price

The quotes per page at EssaysCapital.com are average. They are not too cheap, since the company hires expert writers, but they are definitely not expensive either. I had quite some time to work on this paper, so I went for the longest deadline of 10 days and combined it with Premium Quality.

The quote I got was $21.99 per page, so the price estimation was $153.93. This is a reasonable price considering the level of quality I got, but it was a bit overwhelming given the fact that I exhausted my budget by ordering the previous two papers. Anyway, I cannot complain about the pricing system at this website. It's clear and fair.

The discount for first-time users at this website is 18%, so my final price was reduced to $130.84. When compared to RushMyEssay.com and BestEssayWriting.org, this service offers the least beneficial discount for new customers.


The support system functions via live chat, mail, and phone. The first time I tried using the live chat, I waited few minutes without a response, so I decided to call the phone number. I got attended by a nice representative who answered my questions and ensured me that everything would be fine with my research paper. After that, I used the live chat feature 3 or 4 times and it functioned impeccably. The representatives were very friendly and cared for my satisfaction.

The writer was also kind to answer the messages and inform me about the progress of the paper. He also asked if I wanted particular countries to be included in the research, but I left that part to him.


This is a very simple, but fast and responsive website. The connection was secure and I wasn't disappointed with the way the company handled the order. The process is clearly explained in a separate section, and the payments are processed through a secure system.

This is a US-based company that guarantees to assign native writers to the orders. In addition, the service also guarantees the uniqueness of the products, 24/7 customer support, revisions, refunds, and delivery by the deadline. I asked for one revision and the writer provided the needed changes immediately. That being said, I am convinced that the company's strong guarantees are practically implemented.


I gave the writer a deadline of 10 days, so there was enough time for him to work on the detailed research project. I got the paper right on time. The revision was ready within 12 hours, but I had no problem with that.


The quality was impressive even with the first version of my paper. The writer took time to research information about four countries, and compared the results he got. The discussion was supported with strong facts, media resources and reports from independent agencies.

However, the language was a bit too intellectual in certain parts, so I asked the writer to simplify it. He understood exactly what I needed, and the revised paper he delivered was just perfect.


This was the right service to choose for such a complicated project. I am thrilled with the way the writer handled the topic and I'll remember the ID to request the same expert for future orders. The price was reasonable and the support agents were friendly, so my overall experience with EssaysCapital.com was positive.


Through my experience with essay writing services, I've learned that there is a proper website for every type of paper. When it comes to experimenting with new websites, it's really important to check their reputation among real users. That's why I decided to share my experience and help other students find reliable academic writing services.

Luckily, this time my intuition and research led me to three outstanding websites that are worthy of my recomendation. RushMyEssay.com delivered the most impressive research paper for a discounted price. I have to say that this service is my favorite, since the topic was important for me and the writer understood exactly what I needed. The entire process was based on collaboration and the content presents my own opinions.

However, I cannot underestimate BestEssayWriting.org and EssaysCapital.com. Both of these services also delivered great quality for reasonable prices, so I will probably request the same writers for similar projects.

Overall, you won't make a mistake if you choose any of these three websites, especially if you want to benefit from the welcoming discount of a service you haven't used before.