Coffee pots, just like any other piece of technology, need to be maintained. That includes committing to two really quick tasks at least once a year. The first is descaling and the second is backflushing. The below is a simple guide to Keep your espresso machine clean when it is used every single day.

How often should backflushing be done?

Backflushing is really a cleaning process where the inside of the coffee maker is flushed with water. it cleans out any large deposits, particularly coffee. The process will make the coffee taste a little better. But, the larger concern here is performance. Any blockage could slow down the coffee maker and cause it to be blocked even further.

Most manufacturers recommend using the backflushing and rinse every other week. Some may only get by with using one of the jura espresso machine cleaning tablets once a month, but that has a lot to do with the frequency of use. For example, two runs a day would probably require a cleaning every other week, whereas a one pot a day user may get away with once a month.

What is descaling?

There is a white residue that often builds up at the bottom of the coffee pot. That is essentially built-up calcium deposits from the water being used. Most times, this is invisible and hardly a concern. In small areas and black surfaces, it can be obvious. That seem residue that is visible on the coffee base is inside the device. Descaling is the process of removing that buil-up.

The cleaning process is a bit different from the full keurig descale. Water flowing through the machine will leave a steady pile of mineral deposits. These deposits are even greater with hard water, which is high in a number of significant chemicals. There are also residues that built up in the coffee machine, such as coffee bean oils and excess coffee. A descaling will flush the system out entirely.

Learn about how to clean your espresso maker and what products to use by reading the instructions on the back of the cleaner tablet packaging. They dictate how they are used and the recommended times per month. Tablets will flush out the system perfectly, and remove any residue build-up. At best, it is gross and affects the taste of the final product. At worst, it can make someone a bit sick. It will deter the performance of the coffee maker and make that coffee taste just a bit bitter.