Contamination control is often a critical aspect of industrial laboratories in the life science and pharmaceutical fields. Other industries where contamination control is important include automotive paint shops, entrances to industrial kitchens and cleanroom uniforms food service providers, some type of manufacturing areas, and electronic component assembly areas.Of late, effective contamination control is becoming a priority for laboratories as in bio-security crisis management measure.

Contamination control clothing such as reusable smocks, gloves, coveralls, shoe coverings, and hair coverings, are required apparel for many jobs in a variety of fields and professions. Many of the jobs requiring these types of clothing are performed in cleanroom environments, where the introduction of foreign matter must be minimized or prevented. For example, technicians in certain medical fields dealing with infectious matter, or working with ultrapure materials – all wear contamination control clothing in cleanroom environments. These types of clothing serve to protect both the wearer from potentially hazardous materials and inhibit unwanted matter from the wearer's body from contaminating the work environment or product.

Cleanrooms are typically confined environments in where variables such as temperature, humidity, and particulate matter are precisely controlled to protect the sensitive products, materials, and components from contamination by dirt, molds, viruses, and other potentially damaging particles. To accomplish this re-usable ESD and contamination control apparel are worn. Reusable contamination control garments are primarily made from tightly woven continuous filament fibers. Continuous filament fibers are often preferred as they tend to produce fewer particulates upon washing.

Ensuring that your controlled and sterile environments remain that way, is a priority of ESD Apparel specialists such as Uniform Technology. Reusable ESD clothing options are available such as Coveralls and frocks, hoods and boots, lab coats, gloves, and suits. Many styles and fabrics are offered that meet the requirements of sterile and controlled environments. Fabrics woven from filament polyester yarns are available in several colors and are comfortable and long-lasting. It is useful in cleanroom areas as an effective barrier against bacteria infiltration and airborne particles.

A large variety of ESD Uniforms from several companies are available to protect sensitive electronics from static electricity that can be generated by a person's body and clothing. One can choose from comfortable and attractive static-dissipative lab coats, jackets, aprons, and gloves made from lightweight materials. Fabrics manufactured from polyester filament yarns are reusable apparel that offers superior protection for ESD sensitive products. The term ESD apparel describes a type of fabric that is comprised of conductive fibers that are knitted or woven to provide static dissipation. They are typically worn in electronics cleanrooms to protect against an electrostatic charge that can harm the sensitive components.