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   Ireland is the one of a kind tourist destination among others of the world, a country full of energy, famous as a whole rather than for each of its regions. Splendid castles and monasteries, ancient mysterious megalithic monuments, charming landscapes,  cheerful and welcoming people - this are just some of the reasons that can attract tourists in the "Emerald Isle." Far away  or at home, the Irish are characterized by an independent spirit, pride and stubbornness, but also through dance, music, good drinks and merriment, being considered " the Latins of the North".

  The landscapes found here are wild, extraordinary. Cities are extremely vibrant and so are the people. The ancient and contemporary history of the country is full of heroic stories, more or less violent. All this, put together, define the Irish nature, an almost mystical combination between benevolence and intelligence of its people, added to the tipsy satires of bars, being a good reason why you can now find Irish pubs all around the world. Those in search of hiking with the  hair in the wind, or Celtic relics and pubs full of stories will be satisfied to the same extent as those who love good food and comfortable hotels. Either way being a lonely gentleman in Ireland is not an option and here come up The Ireland escorts.

 Escort Ireland are sure the ones suitable for gentleman who settle for nothing than the best and apreciate the finest things because all of our ladies are very attractive , friendly and discreet and especially highly professional. Described as stunningly beautiful , articulated, elegant, sophisticated, yet funny and completely down to earth our Ireland escorts are always prepared day and night to offer you the time of your life and unforgetable experiences. On the other hand do not worry about anything and rest assured that your privacy is totally guaranteed. Our services offer companionships for any kind of events, the ladies being delighted also to travel for bussiness trips or lunches. These ladies are the best example of genuine beauty and glamour so one might discover ancient desires underneath the “surface” of Ireland itself.

  If you are seeking for sheer sensation then you definetly know that you are in the right place, for the Ireland escorts are willing to please any captivating audience interesed in making fantasies come true. Finally you will have to agree that Ireland has means to porovide any kind of entertaiment as long as you know where to look for the source.

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