For companies in relatively high-risk industries, Workers Compensation Rates in New York State can easily amount to a surprising sum of expenses. Given the state's relatively generous attitude toward workers' compensation, insurers tend to be wary of the possibility of being forced to pay out extravagant awards at times, and this is typically reflected in the rates that most companies are quoted.

In practice, however, there are a variety of ways of reducing New York Workers Comp Rates. Insurers recognize, after all, that not every employer is created equal, and that some therefore present far less in the way of risk to them than others, even if their lines of business are similar. Most insurers in the state, then, have a variety of programs that are aimed at identifying and rewarding the most conscientious and safest employers.

Benefiting from such programs begins with the basics. Any company with a record of OSHA violations, for example, is likely to be disqualified from the start, so making sure that an organization adheres carefully to all of the relevant federal rules is an important prerequisite. For those companies for whom this task has proven to be difficult, it is often the case that investing in third-party advice can easily pay off through lower workers comp premiums over the long term, too.

Once these fundamental issues are under control, employers can start thinking about more advanced ways of improving their attractiveness to their insurers. Many insurers encourage the development and offering of safety training programs that go beyond the statutory requirements, as these have often proven to be effective at reducing the rates of workplace accidents. Incentive programs that reward employees for safe behavior and accident-free shifts, too, have often been shown to be valuable in this way.

Employers must also take care that their safety programs evolve with changing requirements and standards. Insurers are often helpful for this task, since they are typically at least as well attuned to the safety environments in particular industries as those who operate in them regularly are. Keeping in close contact with an insurer, then, can be an excellent way of assuring that a company keeps its workers as safe as possible while also benefiting from lower insurance rates.