Energy users rejoice! No more being told who will provide energy to the home. Customers now have the ability to pick their energy provider. Deregulation means more choices and better rates. Their new energy savings will provide the same great service customers have had before, but they wield more influence on pricing.

Some people have service with first energy Ohio, but perhaps the customer wonders whether it would be best to keep his current provider or switch his service to duke energy Ohio. The government makes sure either choice provides customers with a safe delivery of energy. It may be overwhelming trying to decide which plan will best fit his needs. He can choice different companies. These companies will offer a variety of features, which include the choice between a flat rate and an adjustable plan that is based on energy consumption.

The new energy company like first energy should provide potential customers with tips on how to reduce their electricity bill. Some tips may include fixing broken windows, replacing old light bulbs with new, energy efficient, low wattage light bulbs, and updating old appliances to energy efficient appliances. One can further reduce energy consumption by unplugging appliances when not in use. For items used regularly, consider putting them on a timer. Remember to unplug the television before a long trip. New tablet applications allow users to control their appliances even when away from home. Provider sites usually include calculators to measure energy consumption.

They should show a commitment to the communities they service. Consider the company's customer service reputation. Look to see if the company has any negative reviews. Ask around. Current customers can give insight to the time it takes to answer questions, make repairs, correct billing errors, and overall friendliness. Also ask about any fine print. Good energy companies pursue safe and efficient ways to generate energy. Some even encourage customers to grow their own energy and provide guides to get them started. They will also offer other ways to care for environment, such as free recycling. Some companies have programs to help low income families pay their electricity bills. They also look out for the elderly or those with special medical needs to feel safe and secure in their homes, especially during harsh winter months. When choosing an electric company look for one who offers a plan that works with one's family, presents savings, supplies great customer service, respects the environment, and is dedicated to customers.