Many people have been in an irritating situation where they had to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Maybe they were tired from a long day at work, or perhaps they were carrying a prodigious amount of packages. Although their annoyance with the situation may have been justified, they also likely did not consider what it is like for a wheelchair-bound person who enters a building with no elevator. Not only is that situation frustrating, but it becomes a matter of life and death if an emergency breaks out in the building. As a result, the evacuation chair was designed to directly address that need.

People who are permanently bound to wheelchairs cannot use the emergency stairs without assistance. An evacuation chair allows them to do so in a comfortable way that is easy to operate and implement. These chairs are also suitable for individuals who are temporarily in wheelchairs or who are temporarily unable to walk down the stairs. For example, take a pregnant woman who goes into labor on the top floor of a building. Simultaneously, the elevator system in the building breaks down. An emergency chair can help to escort this woman safely back to the first floor of the building.

Not all people who use this type of chair are wheelchair-bound as demonstrated in the example above. Some people may be using crutches to walk around or may have a sprained ankle that prevents them from putting too much pressure on that appendage. In the event of an emergency, that type of chair is suitable for them as well. The chair can also be used for people who pose a risk to themselves by walking down the stairs. Elderly individuals are examples of this population. As people age, they often become more susceptible to falls, and evacuation chairs a fall could even prove deadly to them. Using this type of chair in the event of an emergency can help to prevent that type of tragedy from happening. The chair can help any individual who is in a weakened state when he or she needs to move down a flight of stairs.

Individuals operating the chair should always be aware of any restrictions that come with the device. If the chair has a weight-limit, that rule must be obeyed. Putting a person over the limit in the chair could make a dangerous situation for everyone in the proximity.