All types of elevators require routine maintenance and safety checks. This is a requirement for every elevator in every building throughout the United States. A simple malfunction can turn ugly and dangerous. The problem is often the fact that problems are not identified until it is too late. This can result in the elevator completely shutting down with people on-board. In rare cases, an elevator has been known to fall. This can result in injury and possible death. Here are three signs that indicate trouble with a hydraulic driven elevator.

The first and most obvious sign of trouble is noise. Odd noises during operation can indicate problems such as aeration. That is one of the most common problems that can occur. When air contaminates the fluid it can result in a knocking noise. This noise will occur during compression or decompression. It may not be noticeable at any other time. Cavitation is another issue that can result in abnormal noises.

Sudden decrease in speed can also indicate trouble. This can happen due to a fluid leak. Anytime there is loss of speed in a hydraulic elevator it indicates loss of fluid. When speed decreases it is important to check all of the lines going to and from the operating system. Pressure drops when internal leaks occur. This problem may also manifest itself through noises made by the elevator. It's important to routinely monitor for strange sounds.

Besides noise and slow operations another sign that indicates trouble is jerking of the elevator. This can occur when going up, going down or stopping. If the car seems to have rough stops and jerky rides, there could be a problem with the fluid temperature or levels. Adequate fluid levels are an essential part of maintaining smooth elevator operation. You can see this for more information about the importance of fluid levels.

The main goal of elevator maintenance is to keep them running smoothly and safely. Well maintained elevators provide building visitors with a safe way to travel to and from one floor to another. Employees will also appreciate a safe elevator ride. Any commercial building with elevators should have maintenance personnel who routinely inspect the elevators to ensure safety and functionality.