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Elements: Rows and Columns, the key to unlocking flexibility

The Layout & Design tool is set up in rows and columns, creating zones in a grid pattern. This provides you with endless flexibility to customize your template.

1) Add a row:

2) Add a column:

All columns can be set to be different widths, we have a slider that you can toggle it on:

3) To these rows and columns, add key elements that set up the meat of your site -- the content that's visible to audiences.

The elements offered include:


These are horizontal areas which you can combine with Columns to define your grid.


These are horizontal areas which you can combine with Rows to define your grid.


A zone on the page populated with posts from a section. This is what fills the page with posts.

Conditional Content

Show specific elements per device. For example, if you want to add a piece of Custom HTML just for mobile, you should add a Conditional Content element and then insert it in it.

Shared Element

Insert an element shared across other pages (i.e. Top Bar, Side Bar, or Footer).


Add any text you'd like to a zone on your site.


Add any image you'd like to a zone on your site.


Choose a title for a zone on your site. Start delimiting spaces for your content.

Links List

Create a list of important links for your site. For example: a link list of your legal disclaimers for your footer.

Social Links

Link out to your social media pages to expand your online presence.

Custom HTML

Insert any custom HTML to your site and embed creative new assets. For example: want to embed a YouTube video in the Home Page? This makes it possible.


Offer your readers a way of getting periodic updates through email.

Subscription Widget

Offer your readers a way to stay connected.

Header Code

Add code throughout the site with a simple header code element.

Ad Header Code

A simple way of adding header code required for some ad placements.

Ad Tag

Add advertisements to your site with this element. You can enter a code for each device type.

Facebook Widget

Give visitors quick access to your FB page with a Facebook widget.

Post Content (in the Post Page)

Add content to your posts: the author and date, share buttons, body text, similar article links, tags and comments.

These are your main tools for creating an amazing site!

Next: Configuring Home + Section Pages

NEW! Beta Posts Dashboard: Filtering and Search UI Upgrade

New Filters in Posts Dashboard

We've implemented new filters that allow users to easily find exactly what they need in their posts dashboard. You can now customize your search results by:

  • Creators You Follow
  • Rating
  • Post Status
  • Post Type
  • Period
  • Sections
Here's what the new filter menu looks like:

Easy-to-Use Search Queries

In the same slick user interface, you can also create search queries and combine them with your filtered results:

  • Post Search
  • Creator Search With Ajax Autocomplete
  • Community Search

This is an exciting step forward in enhancing the editorial experience for our users. It should now be much simpler to narrow down results to exactly what you're looking for.

Here's how the workflow looks in action:

If you have any questions about these dashboard updates, please email

Higher SEO Audit Scores With RebelMouse

SEMrush Reports Help Keep Our Sites Optimized for Search

Even the most brilliant and successful marketers will admit that chasing a perfect search strategy is a full-time job in and of itself. Google's algorithm is fickle at best, with frequent algorithm updates that can turn a site's rankings completely sideways.

At RebelMouse, we obsess over Google's algorithm updates and the latest SEO best practices so that our publishers can focus on doing what they do best: create quality content. This means our traffic experts work around the clock to make sure our sites are optimized for search, and are even a few steps ahead of what Google's next move will be.

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