Ask any athlete who's experienced them and they'll tell you how terrible cramps can be. Cramps are extremely painful and can stop you right in your tracks. Their involuntary muscle contractions that can last for several seconds or minutes. If you're an athlete or someone who likes to stay active, you can't afford to let cramps get you down. The following are a few of the ways you can prevent and fight cramps.

Avoid Becoming Dehydrated

A number of studies have linked dehydration with cramps. Many athletes routinely push their bodies to extreme lengths. While pushing your body your muscles are expending a lot of energy and fluids. Unfortunately, not enough athletes replenish the fluids that their muscles have expended. Not having enough fluids in your body and muscles could cause involuntary reactions.

A drink full of electrolytes might be the best pre workout supplement you can take. Electrolytes are very important particles found in the body's fluids and work to stimulate your muscles and nerves. By adding supplements into your system, before your workout, you're less likely to experience cramps.

A Little Salt Might Do The Trick

By now you probably know that consuming too much salt isn't a good thing. Too much salt in your system is bad for your blood pressure and heart. However, the body does need some amount of sodium to function. When you exercise you sweat, and your sweat contains both sodium and water. Many athletes think that drinking water is enough to replenish their fluids. However, not replenishing your bloodstream with sodium can cause problems. Try using the organic electrolyte supplement e21 in order to replenish the body with everything it needs.

Don't Forget Your Carbohydrates

A lot of people in the fitness world warn people to stay away from carbohydrates. Consuming too many carbs can cause you to gain weight. However, muscle cramps can also be caused by carbohydrate depletion. Your body uses a lot of carbs while performing strenuous exercises. In fact it only takes about an hour for the amount of carbs you have in your system to be depleted during an intense workout. Try using organic supplements full of carbohydrates and electrolytes before working out.

These are just a few of the things you should try in order to avoiding getting cramps while staying healthy. Again, magnesium to help with muscle cramps have been linked together. Focus on staying hydrated during your workouts, and maintain a decent blood sodium level. Lastly, remember that carbohydrates work to provide your muscles with energy when you workout. Use the right supplements to keep your body going.