Business owners looking to rent some office space in Edina need to consider the qualities they require in a office setting. While some spaces may be ideal for one person looking for a simple, small area, they may not work for others trying to find a larger space to accommodate them and their equipment. Many Edina office space listings typically possess four main qualities that anyone can enjoy.

Enough Square Footage to Work Comfortably

One of the main things people look for in an office rental, large or small, is simply the fact that there is enough square footage available to work comfortably. People don't often like to work in tight spaces where there is no room for much movement. With enough square footage, the office space will be able to accommodate several employees so they can work comfortably and rent Edina office space handle their tasks well, along with their required equipment and furniture.


Rented office space is not always in an ideal location. Location is key, however, in making a business successful, especially if it is new. With a location that is close by to frequented businesses, there will be more foot traffic and walk-ins from interested customers. Being right off the highway is also ideal, as people driving by will be able to see the sign for the business and spark their interest to take a look.

Affordable Pricing

The amount of rent needed to be paid on a leased space is important for new businesses just starting out. They need to make sure they will have enough sales to meet the rent. With an outrageous price, this may be difficult for many businesses to meet. Edina office space for lease is typically offered at an affordable price, usually a few dollars per square feet of space available.


Each space comes with its own amenities. These need to meet the business owner's criteria so they can run the business how they see fit. Edina's office amenities include plenty of parking space, drive-in loading, a dock, and 14 feet of clear height available for trucks in the warehouse area.

Edina office space for rent needs to be considered carefully before the right space is chosen. With enough square footage, an ideal location, affordable pricing, and the proper amenities, a new business owner will have everything they need to run their company smoothly. Each of these qualities comes together to make an ideal rental space for any business owner.