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“Iran has nuclear weapons” is the new “Iraq is...

“Iran has nuclear weapons” is the new “Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction”.

In both cases the prescribed fix by Imperialist Western Powers was military invasion, torture and instituting devastating economic terrorism upon Iraq – killing just under ¾ of a million children (thru starvation) in Iraq through the desired results of the sanctions in the 90s, and then flat out murdered almost a million Iraqis of all ages through straight up military attacks in the 2000s.

We were fooled once, the blood of the descendants of future Iraqis is on our hands for generations to come.

For the sake of all that is just and holy, let us not permit them to fool us again when it comes to Iran, one of the oldest peaceful continuing civilizations in human history, filled with some of the most intelligent cultured artistic and beautiful people you’d ever be pleased to become friends with.

When it comes to this particular American propaganda, JUST SAY NO.
The ambassador

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