Ecuador is a leader in producing a variety of crops. Visitors who venture into the country for vacation could learn more about how these crops are produced. A visit to local haciendas ecuador provide a first-hand experience with the production process.

The Organic Approach

The production of organic produce offers the local markets with an opportunity to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers. Visitors are provided with a tour of these facilities to learn how the crops are cultivated. This includes a presentation of how the fruits and vegetables are planted and managed. These techniques help them to understand the hard work that goes into these industries.

The Production of Handicrafts

Embroidery techniques used by workers in Ecuador provide consumers with beautiful products such as quilts, clothing, and more. As they tour the local haciendas ecuador, they discover how these products are generated. Select facilities may offer embroidery lessons for visitors. This opportunity allows them to learn these techniques and create beautiful works of art. Gift shops that are situated in the facilities allow these visitors to buy souvenirs that feature the skills of these workers.

Saving Local Wildlife

Haciendas in the country offer permanent habitats for endangered animals. In Ecuador, you'll find the Condor Huasi Project. This project began as a measure to protect the endangered condor species. Currently, the local habitat features eight condors that have been rescued and rehabilitated. Visitors are allowed to view the condors and learn more about this specific species.

Learning About the Culture

Educational programs are available through haciendas located throughout the country. They allow visitors to learn cultural differences. This includes discovering more about the daily lives of locals. They can tour a variety of facilities to learn more about farming, fish raising, and the arts. Libraries found in the area offer a variety of books and information about the culture and its history.

There are a variety of archaeological sites in the area. They provide visitors with the opportunity to participate in discovering more about past cultures in the area. A multitude of artifacts found during these digs are featured in local museums. Visitors are encouraged to visit the local museums to learn more about the country's history.

A visit to Ecuador gives travelers the chance to learn more about culture and the daily lives of locals. The diversity of the culture could enrich their lives and allow them to discover the end results of hard work and determination. To start your plans for your next trip, contact Zuleta and book your quito ecuador hotels room today.