You always want to have a game plan ready in case disaster strikes, no matter how unlikely you may think it is to happen. Below are a few ways in which to make a plan for your family of what to do if a fire breaks out in your home. It is important to note that this is just a small list.

Do Your Research

Look up the various precautions you must take when escaping an uncontrolled fire. These include holding a cloth to your nose and mouth and crawling under the smoke, touching your hand to the door, or hovering it just over the doorknob, to feel if it is cool enough for escape, using baking soda to put out a grease or electrical fire, and so on. at this page, you can find how to first safely escape the fire, because sometimes, calling the fire department will not be immediately possible.

Create an Escape Plan

Know where to go to reach a safe enough place from which to call 9-1-1. Use the fire escape, if there is one where you live; if the door is hot, use a window, or a door in another part of the house to escape; if the building is on fire, use the stairs, not the elevator, as it may be out of commission, etc. It is vital to know where to go to get out of danger before calling the authorities.

Call the Fire Department

Now that you are safe, quickly call the fire department to have the fire extinguished. They should reach you fairly quickly, and be able to put out the fire before more damage is done. Many belongings may be lost, but it is better that lives are saved!

The Importance of Prevention

The most pertinent part of fire safety is taking measures to prevent a fire. These include being careful not to leave your stove, oven, flat iron, iron, or anything that heats up on unattended. Maintaining your smoke detector, or possibly having one installed should be a consideration.

Make sure to keep children out of reach of the stove, or other hot appliances, and keeping flammable items out of the way of heated apparatuses. These small precautions could save your life and your house, but since sometimes things happen, you can take the above skeleton and begin to flesh out your plan in case! Look over the additional resources found here.