There are several eCommerce Website Developers available to businesses of any size. They will create a website based on business needs, and goals, program essential elements, and implement the "go live" process. Some developers create sites using templates and make sure they are operating properly. That is where the services end. Sometimes, when that is the case, the website fails to meet business expectations because making any changes, updating the content, or adding new graphics or pages requires the added expense of a computer programmer. Businesses with IT personnel or departments have built-in resources to manage and maintain an interesting and interactive site. Those that do not have access to IT personnel are at a loss. The time and money has been spent on a great website, but it will not carry the business far, if it is not managed well, or kept current.

One company, with fifteen years of experience, does not use templates to create websites, and includes features that allow businesses to easily alter and manage websites without a programmer. Websites are originally designed to be search engine friendly, and include an innovative content management system (CMS), with many functions. The Titanium CMS has features such as a drop and drag component that makes it easy to add or delete content or pages, or rearrange pages at will.

The easy from creator feature lets owners create custom surveys, confirmation emails, and customer notifications. There are options for drop down lists, checkboxes, and textboxes. A file library lets owners upload and store videos, files, graphics, and audio to use on the website for content. This is perfect for announcing sales, new products, and special offers. Three different shopping cart modules can be integrated into the CMS to provide eCommerce features without the need for third party services.

Marketing packages are also offered, and can begin with a free online marketing plan. Short-term goals can be implemented quickly and affordably via pay per click (PPC) advertisements. This method uses banner advertisement on search engines to target new customers and boost sales fast. Various packages are available that have Utah PPC Specialists creating advertising content and conducting keyword searches. Also included in packages are landing pages, campaign improvements, cost management, conversion tracking, and monthly reporting. Long-term strategies and techniques include search engine optimization (SEO), lead generati0n, email marketing, content creation, and social media marketing.