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Shamanism for Healing

Shamanism is the perfect blend of old world healing in the new age. It brings a new approach to healing; bringing harmony and balance to all sentient beings and together it provides a new level of spiritual insight and healing. Shamanism teaches us how to connect and work with the invisible realms of energy and Spirit. Shamanic healing is achieved through the practices of soul healing; using songs, nature, journeying, ceremonies, rituals and transfiguration. Shamanism teaches us to channel the Universal Life Force Energy with meditation and healing journeys to learn about oneself and heal past trauma. The alchemy and mysticism of shamanism brings a deep healing and together helps increase the flow of universal energy, allowing you to feel one with the world, and it brings a greater sense of purpose into your life.

I really recommend this full length feature Documentary on the Plant Teacher Ayahuasca. I have been exploring this vine during Shamanic Journeys and have been receiving her healing power. I do feel it is possible to access the medicine plants and enter other realms via Shamanic Journey, and it sure saves a lot on an air fare to Puru! That would be amazing to do one day, but until then I will follow the calling I feel from the magical vine, and use the sacred herbal blends to access these hidden realms and contact with my plant teacher Ayahuasca here in Australia. This is all done through legal means, and I do encourage you all to look into Shamanic healing journeys as I have made wonderful progress this last year using these techniques.

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