E-Cigarettes are gaining in popularity throughout the world. Creating a vapor instead of smoke, e-cigs are often used as an alternative to real cigarettes. By creating a vapor, rather than smoke, non-smokers are not exposed to harmful second hand smoke. Some use the e-cigarette as a full replacement for cigarettes, while others use them as an aid to quit smoking altogether. Available in a wide range of flavors, nicotine levels and uniquely designed devises, e-cigs appear to be here to stay.

If you are currently a smoker and are looking for a smokeless experience, you can locate an ecig shop gulfport, MS. An e-cigarette, is essentially a personal battery operated vaporizer. Using liquid nicotine, the vapor looks and feels like real smoke. There are no nicotine stains, it is odorless, ashless and does not require a flame to ignite. The liquid comes in a wide range of flavors. Available in citrus flavors, candy and cinnamon. You can also get tobacco and menthol flavors. If you are trying to quit smoking, but stopping cold turkey is not for you, you can select different amounts of nicotine, adapting to reduced levels over time. The type of e-cigarette you chose to smoke, may be based on appearance and cost. Smokescreen LLC has the information you need.

There are three basic parts to an e-cigarette, the battery, atomizer and e-liquid. A battery is connected to the atomizer, which draws in the liquid. When it is activated, it heats the e-liquid until it turns into a vapor. Most e-cigs work on the same principle, but with variations on each of the components. The battery voltage can vary. The higher the voltage, the more vapor is created and the stronger the flavor. The atomizer is where the e-liquid is contained. These are refillable, and the amount of liquid they can hold varies. The larger the amount of liquid that it contains, the less often you will need to fill them.

Finally, the e-liquid comes in a wide array of flavors. While the flavors do not have a direct impact on the potency of the nicotine intake, the flavors can change the experience. People that use e-cigarettes may change the flavor frequently, or choose to stick with one flavor. E-liquid which contains the flavoring, also contains the nicotine. From a high concentration to zero nicotine levels, you are in control of how much you take in. If you are trying to stop smoking, this may be the perfect way to wean yourself from the nicotine. The ecig shop ocean springs carries a wide selection.

If you are a current smoker and enjoy smoking, but feel restricted by the new tobacco laws, e-cigs give you options. If you are trying to stop smoking, e-cigs can be the answer you are looking for. Whatever the reason you choose to purchase an e-cig, you will find exactly what you are looking, for in an ecig shop gulfport.