A St. Louis DWI Lawyer is a legal professional who can help a person facing DWI charges. Whether or not the defendant is at fault, hiring an attorney is recommended. Perhaps a person is driving home from a dinner hosted by friends after celebrating a recent promotion at work. Everything seems to be going well when suddenly they are stopped by police or deputies.

Imagine the scenario: the officer asks the driver to breathe into the breathalyzer machine and by the time the driver realizes what is happening, they are being sent to jail. He or she is pretty sure they did not drink more than two glasses of wine and was surprised the machine showed such a high alcohol content. What should you do? You may be unsure about hiring a DWI lawyer because you feel there was no crime committed, but is that the right decision? Are the services of a lawyer reserved only for those who have committed crimes?

Many people assume the services of a St. Louis DWI attorney are needed only if they are guilty. In fact, the importance of a DWI lawyer increases many times if they have not committed the crime and have been implicated falsely. The truth is there is much at stake if a person does not hire a fantastic lawyer right from the beginning to fight their case. Not only could they be facing a prison sentence and a heavy fine, but he or she may also have to give up their driving privileges, which in turn will have an implication on their personal and professional lives. Even if a person retains their driving privileges, it's likely they will pay a fortune for future auto insurance.

The driving laws in Missouri, like all states, have changed significantly over time. Decades ago, people who indulged in driving while intoxicated were levied a small fine or allowed to go with a stern warning not to repeat it. However, today the fine for this offense ranges from $1000 to $15,000 and prison time ranging from 90 days to seven years. With so much at stake, it is better to hire the What do Do when Arrested and see if they can provide you with legal relief. A DWI attorney with experience will have proven methods to prove their client's innocence and regain their driving license, lost reputation and credibility. For more information, contact a local St. Louis DWI Lawyer today.