Everyone knows they should not drive when impaired by drugs or alcohol, but sometimes people just do things they should not. In some situations they are not actually even intoxicated, just tired, ill or otherwise distracted. Whatever the reason, when you are pulled over because an officer suspects you of OUI, if you want to protect yourself, the experts at www.best-tampa-dui-lawyer.com want you to know what to do right from the start.

Act Responsibly From the Beginning

Pull over as soon as it is safe and have your identification and paperwork ready when the officer arrives at your vehicle. Turn off the engine and stay in the car while you wait for them to come over. Answer all questions politely and do exactly what the officer asks. There is no point in being defensive or angry because this will only create animosity between the officer and you, and this is a battle you will lose.

Keep as Quiet as Possible

It is something seen by any Tampa lawyer for DUI cases, the arrest which was made because the person stopped would not stop rambling and ended up talking themselves into a corner. Do not offer any extra information, just answer the questions in as few words as possible without appearing suspicious.

Consider Refusing a Breathalyzer

If you do not believe you will pass a Breathalyzer test, you may wish to avoid it entirely. While you will likely be arrested at this point, it may be easier according to best tampa dui lawyer to fight the charges later without the results. If you are not under the influence and believe you will pass, take the test. Even if it states you are intoxicated, it will not be impossible to defend yourself against these charges later on in court. There are many instances when a positive result has been thrown out of court either because the machine was considered defective or the person operating it was not properly trained.

If you have already been stopped and charged with a DUI charge, it is not too late to get help. While there is never any guarantee that your charges will be dropped, enough cases are to make it work fighting. Learn more about your options as http://www.best-tampa-DUI-lawyer.com/tampa-DUI-attorney-defense/ . If you are interested in getting the professional assistance to fight these charges, contact them for an initial consultation. You can discuss the incident with an attorney and receive helpful advice about how to proceed with your case.