A DUI charge has deep ramifications that go far beyond some frustrating inconveniences that last a year. A criminal conviction in the DUI defense can easily set a young person back a decade from their expectations and goals. It is a single mistake that can easily snowball into a massive catastrophe. Though there will be a consequence for the actions, criminal defense attorney Rogers & Moss believes that these consequences can easily become bloated and unjustified. It is highly unlikely that many of the clients seen in the office will ever have another DUI, yet the next 10 years of their life can be dramatically scaled back and potentially ruined because of one single dumb evening. What is the fallout of the DUI? What are the top considerations on the table when it comes to protecting a client after the first 24 months?

Reducing Probation

The right civil law attorney would try to avoid jail time, of course. One of the main weapons used to reduce jail time is an increase in the probation period. Clients may be subjected to a one-year probationary period that will keep them out of prison. In especially bad cases, the probation period can be extensive. Attorneys often move to negotiate an extended probation because that is not nearly as offensive on a hiring record than jail time. Some local businesses won't hire anyone who's been in jail, and that stigma has permeated business in the local community.

Non-alcohol Convictions

There is a powerful social stereotype against those who drive while intoxicated. Though some of this is fair, some of it can be predatory. Criminal Defense Attorneys will try to negotiate a non-alcohol conviction. They use a few things to get this through. The first is a status of a first offense. The second is if the client is currently working full-time, gainfully employed in a government institution, or going to school. Though these people are held at a higher standard, these aspects can also be tools to reduce a conviction. Of course, various other details can help reduce as well, such as details in the police report with a certain string of evidence in the case.

Do not allow the law to pave the road of a client who's made one irresponsible decision. A DUI can truly prevent them from growing into a new career and pursuing a new path. A DUI charge should limit source options by proxy because they did make a terrible mistake. But, it should not fundamentally cripple everything they may potentially strive for in the future.