The beauty of becoming engaged in the production of Dubstep and electronic music creation in general, is the fact that you can complete whole tracks from start to finish, without having to rely on anyone else.

If you were in any other genre, you would need live vocals, or live bass, additional instruments or at very least a mastering engineer. I cannot stress enough how awesome it feels to need nothing more than your laptop, allowing you to work from anywhere in you house, or anywhere in the world for that matter. Back in the earliest days of Dubstep creation, pioneers like Benga and Skream were working solely from their laptops, with some of those same tracks now being spun in sets where they are receiving massive checks to do so.

So unless you are having massive Hollywood names perform on your track, everything, and I mean everything, can be completed from start to finish on your laptop. However, when you do start to feel that this is something you are going to pursue, please, get a good machine. Make sure it is a Mac. Again, in many programs, you simply cannot get a decent mix without proper studio monitor speakers plugged in, and some will not allow you to open the session, as mentioned above with Pro Tools. Quality headphones are recommended for a nice mix, but for now you computer speakers will be enough to complete a full session.

If you didn’t already know, the most capable Dubstep maker program is called Dubturbo and we have a link that gives a massive discount, an active link that no one else has anymore since. There are no free versions of this awesome Dubstep making program and software developers like these do have big budgets which are spent on ensuring that free versions are not available.

When you step into the ring with the big boys you’ll need to get the proper paperwork in order to protect your intellectual property. There are several ways to go about this and in this section we’ll be covering the basics, some non-conventional ways and where to get your songs registered.

It is essential to cover your electronic behind through copyright because you never know when someone might claim your original material for their own. Even more importantly you might get lucky and have someone with money try to steal your songs; one law suit later you got a brand new studio. So without any further ado let’s get on it.

Obviously since Dubstep was birthed from Drum and Bass, it is essential to understand what it takes to make a good Dubstep drum patterns. The broken beats of D&B have been slightly modified to fit the genre of Dubstep, and thus we found it necessary to talk about how to make great Dubstep Drum patterns.  So sit back and relax, it’s time to get grimey!

Picking the right samples is incredibly important. You can’t have two massive bass drums playing on top of each other unless you specifically want to do so. In order to make a kick really stand out you’ll actually want to give it that “deep sound” while at the same time giving it a sharp kick. Some DJ’s even throw a rim shot in there just to give it that “crisp” sound to the bass.

Delays are also important when you want to expand the sound a bit more. Give your claps and some of your hats a slight delay and you will widen the sound much more. I found that giving some of the drum sounds a nice little reverb with a slight delay will really go a long way.

Chopping up your sound will also definitely expand your production value. For instance if you have a sound that lasts 2 beats, you can chop that little bad boy up into tiny little pieces, space them out within the beat in order to build up a kick or snare. Generally people like to chop the snares more than the kicks but I have heard some incredible kick chops that sounds tasty.

Swinging is another thing that drums need. These Swings or Grooves will give your drums a much more natural sound. When you work on a sequencer the sound produced will be that of a sequencer. Thus the invention of swing will mimic that of a real drummer in the sense that some hits will be harder than others. If you truly want to make your drums stand out you should play around with the swing settings in order to make it sound real, unless you don’t really want to achieve that sound.

What you will frequently find online when you are thinking about making music is that a lot of websites and forums will tell you that if you want to make great sounding beats you need to have a vast background of music production knowledge, buy very expensive equipment and have access to a recording studio and more.

All I wanted to do was create my own tracks, guys like you and I can't afford to spend a lot of money on a hobby on something that may not generate any money in the near future… So, I thought to myself, there’s has to be a piece of great audio software out there.  I've tried using other Dubstep maker software before which caused me to almost give up on my dreams. My experience with other junky software was horrible, the keyboards were fine, but there were not a lot of sounds, beats, drum samples, wubwub VSTs or additional plugins. The quality of the beats was poor (it sounded like Tetris…), it crashed a few times and the features were so complicated that I found myself reading manuals for half of the time. I've also spent a couple of hundreds dollars.

Dubstep is created most often by Dubstep creator software. There are a number of programs out there; some of which you can use directly online and others can be downloaded or purchased for your computer.

One of the most well-known DJs who use Dubstep maker software to create his unique sounds is Renny Constantine.  DJ Renny uses software on his Mac to help him come up with new ideas. Other artists who use dubstep maker software include the first dubstep DJ in North America, DJ Joe Nice from Baltimore, MD. Chase and Status are a famous dubstep duo in London; they not only have their own band but also have helped artists like Cee Lo Green, Example, and Tinie Tempah create their own dubstep rhythms.

The music that is the corner stone of the music industry you will find is often played by musician with a passion and respect for the old masters of Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Folk Legends, and Rock, along with the songwriters or whatever inspired these musicians to take this path, you don’t need to just play or sing you need to have the passion to always want to improve, you need to challenge yourself at all times to become a better and greater musician, never give up learning, fine tune your skills and then demand more from yourself.

Logic Pro is the professional choice, which is used by the famous Dubstep DJs that you know. Anyone who still says they utilize any other program does not have updated information. (I heard this straight from the mouth of Benga and Skream, when they were in town together recently!) Ok, so we know that this is for use on Apple machines only, though lets be honest, anyone making professional art, video, software and music, are all using a Mac. Furthermore, this application is very expensive and very difficult to learn how to use. You will be rewarded when you invest the time to learn how to use it though, as it’s amazingly powerful and the built in plugins, sounds and instruments are world-class.

Go to as many gigs as you can, listen with eyes open and see what others Dubstep artists are doing and how they are doing it, and see if you can improve or create something new, your music can become our music, and  go out to a wider audience.

Latency is the frustrating delay phenomenon that most users experience when attempting to use online music creation software. Imagine if you are playing back a your track or recording your beats live using the keyboard or you midi controller and your internet connection (or computer) causes a delay, from when you actually trigger a sound, to when it is actually heard, and/or recorded on the track.

These slight delays in reaction times make it nearly impossible the produce music fast and efficiently. Although latency can frequently occur with the most expensive, professional grade studios, there are methods to be used that counter this negative effect. Whilst making music online, you are relying on your internet connection any delay in reaction, no matter how tiny, is something you do not want to experience even if you are only messing around.

With popular music constantly going in and out of style, dubstep will be the next big thing.  The next generation of music listeners will prefer dubstep above everything else, just as the younger generation today prefers hip hop over classic rock.  But this isn’t what I’m here to talk about now… I am here to talk about what you need to make sick beats, and it all starts with the right dubstep software.

Music is what makes the world go round.  Think about it, how often do you listen to music?  It doesn’t have to be dubstep, it can be any genre.  It’s probably a lot right? Where would we be without music?  Making dubstep doesn’t require learning any instrument, so if you are looking to contribute to the world of music, all you need is this beat maker and you’re set.  Check it out.

I hope you checked out the dubstep software I’m showing you, because that is going to be the majority of what I am going to talk about.  DUBturbo is what I rely on and what I 100% recommend to anyone who wants to make music or be a dubstep maker.  I even encourage you, even if you have no skills and no equipment to try this out.  It can be learned very quickly, and it is very affordable.  My goal is to get as much good music out there as possible and share the love.

If you have no instrumental skills, that does not matter at all.  Make a beat maker your first instrument and see how much fun it is.  Get creative, because DUBturbo allows endless possibilities.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost track of time remixing my favorite song into a dubstep version.  I’ve been inspired by Skrillex to remix songs into dubstep form.  I’ll post some videos below of some sweet Skrillex songs so you can see what I mean.  You can also make music just like Skrillex!

But don’t you need very expensive equipment?  Well having the right equipment is a luxury not a necessity.  I have my own equipment, but that’s also because I DJ for a living, but I find myself doing over 90% of my work on the computer with the aid of DUBturbo.  I would consider myself a skilled dubstep artist and I know that anyone can get to the level I am and even the level of celebrity dubstep artists.

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