Private labeling has grown exponentially in the past few years. This is due mostly in part to companies providing products that are "on-trend," such as health food products and dry spices and herbs. In fact, it has been reported that the growth of private labels is far greater than that of the national brands. They also have achieved great accomplishments in retail market share and consumer sales, with the market share in grocery stores reaching 23.4 percent in 2014. But, these labels have not gotten there all on their own; many packaging and labeling companies have been there to help private brands to become just as notable as national ones. These companies do this through innovative label designs and marketing campaigns to convince consumers that these products should be their first choice not just an alternative.

The Great American Spice Co. and others are known to provide clients with the innovative, attention-grabbing labels they want. These companies provide seasoning foods packaging Florida and all around the US. Specifically, companies like these provide labeling for dry spices, from dry blend beverage mixes to sugar and honey. With the help of a private label food packaging florida a person can take their business from just dry blending to selling products in national grocery stores. This is the greatest way these label companies help clients expand their products. They also provide the design and production for dry spices. There is also help with development of a product for those who need it.

However, the most sought after service these labeling companies provide is custom packaging. Most clients want products that stick out among others, which is even harder in the word of dry spices. There's an endless array of spice blends, herbs, rubs, and spices on the market making it nearly impossible for a buyer to choose one over the rest. But, with the help of an interesting container, bright colors and images, and unique design a person's products may easily be chosen over the rest. For example, the talk of one Private Label Manufacturers Association(PLMA) events was the package of a dried cranberries product.

The product was packaged in 6-14 ounce flip-top containers, labeled with bright colored shrink sleeves that were easy to grip and tote around. The graphics also included bursts of color with images of red cranberries on the top of the package, overlaid with a green banner, and a clear bottom for consumers to see the fruit. This is the type of stand out packaging clients can get from companies like The Great American Spice Co., and it's the type of packaging that can take a spice from just "blending" in to a adorning a consumers grocery cart.