Traffic accidents happen daily, and if you happen to fall victim to one, you might suffer serious injuries. Broken bones, head trauma, whiplash, spinal injuries, and nerve damage, are all possible when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. Pain and injuries from traffic accidents don't always start immediately. Sometimes, it takes a while before the discomfort starts. You might not be able to go to work, and can also end up with high medical bills. Rather than settling for this, consider getting a settlement from the responsible party.

Although you can go to bat yourself, and fight the insurance company of the responsible party to get your settlement, the job is best left to a personal injury attorney. Whether you were involved in a truck or motorcycle accident, there's no need to look for a specific truck accident lawyer or motorcycle accident lawyer. A personal injury lawyer who knows the law within the state is all you need. His knowledge of the law enables him to effectively fight the insurance company, combat unfair settlements, and get you the compensation that you deserve.

When you first meet with a personal injury attorney, inquire whether he works on a contingency basis. This means that he doesn’t get paid until the case is settled. Typically, he gets about 40 percent of the settlement amount. Hiring a dui lawyer who works on a contingency basis is beneficial, because you know he’ll work his hardest to get you the most money, so that his cut will be substantial also.

Don’t be surprised if a lawyer turns down your request for representation. Some lawyers won’t take certain cases if they don’t expect a high payout. Others might not take your case, if there’s any doubt as to who’s at fault. If the other party is found innocent, the lawyer doesn’t get paid, and wasted his precious time.

To make sure you have the right lawyer for the job, inquire about his experience. Ask how long he’s been practicing, and how many similar cases he’s mediated in. Have a list of questions prepared before you meet with a lawyer. You should ask all your questions during your initial consultation so it’s not too late to back out. Due to the competitive nature of personal injury cases, many lawyers won’t charge for the initial consultation. Some lawyers might practice hard sales tactics to get you to hire them. However, as long as you don’t sign anything, you can always walk away. Once you decide on representation, the contract you sign will clearly state the lawyer’s commission after winning the case.

Rather than taking on the stress of a personal injury case, and risking losing the case, have a lawyer do the work for you. He has the knowledge and experience that’s needed to get you a fair settlement.