A primary focus of facial plastic surgery is to reconstruct the features after a serious accident or to correct deformities. These conditions present mental anguish for the individuals affected. The primary object of surgeons who offer these services is to correct these conditions as quickly as possible. This includes offering these surgeries to children who are born with deformities and correcting them before they are affected by the stigma of today's society. If you wish to review the options available to you or your child, you should contact Dr. Phillip Miller or visit drphilipmiller.com today.

Repairing Deformities for Children

Common deformities addressed by Dr. Miller facial plastic surgeon today, are cleft palettes, hair lips, and facial injuries that occurred during birth. For example, children that are delivered by forceps could acquire scarring from these tools as they are likely to cut the child's face if force is necessary.

Cranial deformities are also possible. Within these conditions, the skull doesn't form correctly during infancy. The children who suffer from this condition may require further surgeries to close the interior of the skull effectively.

By utilizing plastic surgery options, the surgeon can correct these conditions flawlessly. Unlike services that were performed decades ago, cleft pallettes and hair lips are repaired without large scares or indentions. The surgeon can insert implants to correct the positioning of the face and connect the lip without cutting the skin too short. This prevents the likelihood of large scars which could produce stigma.

Basic Cosmetic Options

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery used to alter the appearance. This allows patients who were the victims of bullying as a child or adolescent to alter the size of their nose to become more proportionate with their face. This could provide them with a better overall balance of their features.

Deviated Septum Correction

If a patient suffers from sleep apnea, it is likely that they have a deviated septum that is causing the airflow restriction. A plastic surgeon can correct the septum and present them with better airflow. This could eliminate sleep apnea entirely. The surgeon will rebuild the septum based on the way in which it was crushed. This is also a possible condition that originated from forceps delivery.

You should consult a facial plastic surgeon at any time that you have a condition that is causing a mental disturbance or any form of anguish. This includes deformities or conditions that resulted from an accident. This will restore your self esteem and confidence. If you wish to learn more, visit the website now.