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Mens Softshell Jacket
HELP NEEDED - Conducting an experiment and would really appreciate as many of you as possible liking (top right - see the screen capture attached) this product on AMAZON and if you have the time also leaving a nice review about the product. If this works this will greatly help a client and me out. Thanks in advance
check out the ranking report
SO... U set a clients expectations "Look it can take 3 to 6 months to rank your site for the keywords that we've agreed to the 1st page. Then a bit longer to get into the top 3 where you will see the majority of your traffic and an exponential ROI..." or words to that effect(very competitive and you've told me your competitors are spending in excess of £10k per month on SEO. For OUR chosen keywords you do not rank in the top 500 of Google, Yahoo or Bing)So this client fired me today after 7 weeks ranking report attached, traffic up by 4500 visitors per month (from 500). PPC on Google AdWords would have cost in excess £9.5k for that traffic and they were NOT even paying me 10% of that figure...What do people want? Oh, and they even told me 4 weeks ago how happy they were with how much business had picked up and that it was more than paying for itself...WTFRANT OVER
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