Pee pad training a dog is one of the easiest ways of potty training and can be especially beneficial for small dog breeds. It is important the training process is started as early as possible so the dog will not grow accustomed to bad habits. With this information, dog owners will be properly prepared to make the training process easier through using pee pads for dogs.

The first step in training a dog to use dog pee pads is to confine them to a small space that does not have carpeting. Ideally, this should be the permanent place the owner plans on placing the pads so there will be consistency in training. Once a dog has grown accustomed to using the bathroom in a particular area, it can be difficult to break the habit.

Dogs should have plenty of space to sleep and eat without being in the immediate area of the dog pee pad. At first, owners should cover the entire area with pads and slowly take one away here and there until there is only one left in the area. If the dog misses the pad, simply cover the floor with new pads and start over. It is crucial each area is carefully cleaned after a miss so the dog does not recognize the smell and continue to go there.

It is important owners place their puppy on the pad as often as possible to ensure they grow accustomed to using the pad. This needs to be done at least once an hour in the beginning stages of training.

As the owner sees the dog responding, they can slowly increase their confined space as long as no accidents are occurring. If an accident does occur, the pad can be used to absorb some of the urine so the puppy will recognize the odor and know the pad is the area where he needs to go to the bathroom.

It can take time and dedication training a dog to use the bathroom on dog training pads. With a concerted effort, dog owners can properly train their dogs to use these pads for their bathroom needs so accidents can be avoided. Using these steps can make the process much easier to go through for both the owner and their pet. It is crucial owners are patient through the process of training their dog. No dog is going to be able to be trained overnight. With the right pads and the right approach, a dog should be able to be trained in a matter of weeks.