Believe it or not, Training Your Dog isn't supposed to be difficult. In fact, training your puppy is the most effective way to get him or her to listen. Most dog owners become frustrated or don't know how to communicate effectively and may seek expert dog training. There's a lot of good information for Dog training online.

Walking Your Dog

Like wolves, dogs recognize a leader of the pack. When you lead your dog he sees you as the leader. When you allow your dog to lead she becomes the leader and therefore has control. This doesn't mean that you have to be aggressive to get your dog to follow, but you have to show confidence. Dogs respond well to consistency. What you start you must continue if you expect your dog to behave. Experts say that your role as leader shouldn't end after the walk. Your dog should expect to wait while you put away the leash rather than breaking protocol.

Give your dog the time he or she needs to sniff around. Walking your dog should be a pleasure for the both of you. Never rush this process because your dog can sense this and may resent it. A solid 30 minutes to an hour is plenty of time.


When your dog is behaving, a reward is expected. For instance, feed your dog after his walk. This small shift will teach her to work for her food and feel rewarded.

Who's Needs Training; Your Dog or You

Most people are aware that dogs can detect fear and other emotions. So it just makes sense that dogs can see your confidence in regards to training them. If you have anxiety around the subject your dog will know this. However, when you act from a confident and balanced place your dog will respond better to your instructions. With proper training and education your confidence in your ability to communicate effectively with your pet will expand.

The energy that you project will determine how well your dog will respond also. This includes your body language and the thoughts you are thinking when you are talking to your dog. As a human, you don't respond well to threats or shouting, neither will your dog.

The experts agree that dogs are intelligent. Dogs can be trained to respond to your commands if you ask gently. You must train yourself to be calm and to be at ease before you approach your dog. He or she will be happy to do what you ask.