Much like the problems humans face as they grow older, dogs can easily suffer the same unforgiving effects of aging. One of the biggest problems many older canines endure is joint and muscle stiffness. This will cause a dog to lay around more, experience trouble walking, and cause wincing pain when they have to walk around. There are prescription drugs available to treat these problems, but most veterinary offices charge a high fee for the medications. Thanks to the internet and ambitious retailers, like CrossPeak Products, pet owners can now purchase glucosamine chondroitin for dogs at a much more affordable rate and bring a little bit of youth back into their aging canine's life.

The key element in the fight against canine arthritis is glucosamine. This natural internal substance produces glycosaminoglycan, which aids in repairing and strengthening tissues. This is especially beneficial to smooth functionality of the joints. As a dog ages, the production of glucosamine begins to taper off. This causes the internal repair process to slow and allows arthritis to develop. Dogs tend to ignore their growing joint discomfort so it generally goes unnoticed by the owners until visible signs become evident.

At this point, arthritis has prominently set it. Caring pet owners are now left with one option, treatment through supplements aimed at rebuilding cartilage and improving joint functionality. A daily dose of glucosamine can help eliminate a fair amount of the aching and stiffness these older dogs experience. Supplements that combine glucosamine with chondroitin, another natural body substance, double the benefits. This treatment will decrease inflammation, lessen pain, and allow the joints to move more freely. Dogs receiving these supplements will express a more playful demeanor and seem to regain some of their youth.

Aging dogs also tend to have issues with colder temperatures. Some canines experience thyroid issues and lose areas of hair. Others end up with a thinning coat of fur just due to old age. In either case, the dogs will be much more comfortable if they are dressed in dog coats when they go outside. This warm pet clothing comes in many different thicknesses and styles. From parkas, to fleece, to raincoats, retailers like CrossPeak Products have a coat to fit every size dog for any possible weather condition. These reasonably priced pet garments will make a dog more comfortable and cooperative when the time comes to venture outside.