In spite of claims that the world was moving into a paperless future, companies are still producing a vast number of paper documents. Few of these need to be stored for ever, but properly disposing of the ones that can be safely discarded can be hazardous. Such files often contain information about customers, employees, and future business plans that could cause significant problems if it were to ever get out. In fact, criminals have taken to deliberately digging through the trash around the time of year that they know many companies clear out their documents, specifically looking for this kind of data.

Proper Shredding is the Solution

A basic shredding tool that you can pick up in an office supply store doesn't provide adequate security. While it does help, it puts all of the fragments of the same document close together in a bag and also produces fragments large enough that a determined person can reassemble them. Considering how critical the data on those papers can be, mobile on site shredding of truly important documents needs to be treated with more care than that.

When you pay for document shredding from a company that's dedicated to doing so securely, the equipment used is designed to do the job much more aggressively. It cuts the documents into smaller pieces and since all of the shredding is done at once during a visit to your site, a much larger set of files is mixed together. That makes it next to impossible for someone to put the pieces back together.

Choose a Trustworthy Document Shredding Company

Any time that you're shopping around for someone to do paper shredding for you, you should make sure that they only use staff that has been security screened and has gone through background checks. They should also have a strict policy of identifying themselves at each client they visit. This is for the client's protection, because it ensures that everyone who handles the documents has had their background checked out and has been judged to be unlikely to try to steal anything.

You should also insist that you get a company who will shred all of the documents before leaving your premises with them. Again, this is for your protection so that there is not even a slight chance that someone is walking away with complete documents listing the financial information of your employees or customers.

Russell Richardson provides on-site document destruction services for their clients. They also provide a certificate of destruction after each visit so that you have documentation that you properly disposed of key documents. They follow procedures that are designed to maximize the security of every document they handle.