An edge of dock leveler is that piece of equipment that fills in the gap between a dock or a ramp and the truck or container in which items are being unloaded and loaded. It seems like a small thing to the layperson, but to those who operate heavy equipment, it is very important. It can make a job easier, it can help promote good body mechanics and it can prevent accidents in the workplace. Copperloy manufactures dock lifts, but also produces a line of edge of dock levelers. Dock lifts can become unstable if there is a big enough gap between on surface and another. A dolly with items can spill over if there is a bump that catches the wheels. It is smoother and safer if loading dock lifts have a constant surface to wheel over.

Any dock equipment manufacturer, dock equipment for loading, loading dock products, Copperloy equipment, Copperloy as an example can give you advice on what to look for when needing to purchase an edge of dock leveler. First consider its ease of use. It should be quick and simple to operate or you will lose time and money before any loading or unloading even begins. Check out the quality of the product and the durability of it.

It will be of no use to you if it is junk or poorly made. You will want it to have both manual and hydraulic options so you can use it either way, depending on the task at hand. Bumpers are usually the first thing to go on these, so you want to make sure the bumpers will be long lasting. Ask questions and find out about warranties when considering a purchase. Any equipment is an investment so don't hesitate to do the research before putting down any cash.

The last thing, but the most important is to look for safety features. You want to know how the unit will be secured in place to make sure it will not slide or shift while loading. A demonstration is not an unreasonable request whether it be copperloy lifts or any other lifts that will be moving over the leveler. Go to Copperloy equipment for more information regarding edge of dock levelers.