The power of YouTube marketing cannot be collected and organized by views. For example, one video with 1 million views is not nearly as powerful as 100 videos with 10,000 views. The latter is an example of content engagement and audience building. The former is an example of a lot of luck.

That single 1 million view video could be a powerful tool to harness a large audience following. But the goal of video marketing and development should be to create an engagement between the video developers and the audience that follows them. This is something that many people lose sight of when they are building a video campaign.


Why are video blogs so popular? The answer to that question may have to do with familiarity. Take, for example, a video blogger who uses his face in the main image (this is a recommended strategy by WebMotion for vloggers) People know what to expect. They are getting someone they enjoy listening to in their video content. Along the side will be a list of related videos. All these videos may also have the same thumbnail of the guy speaking into a camera. The followers will be attracted to that familiarity. They will continue focusing on my content because it is similar. He is the same character, and the video is of the same style. Experimentation at is okay, and that is exactly what needs to be done to expand the brand in a positive way. Developing familiarity with the audience is powerful for making those 100 videos with 10,000 views.

The Views

The video views can end up being a major distraction. There is one valuable insight into the views that should be taken into account. What videos are getting the most views? Do not compare the view counts to other channels that may be substantially more successful. Compare that video to other videos within the channel. There may be a reason one video is getting more reviews. It could be a way the content was tagged with SEO. It could be the thumbnail image used. It could be good old-fashioned timing. Whatever it is, try to analyze each video and look at how the views of related. It could be something as simple as when the video was uploaded. WebMotion Media will help find patterns that are hard to decipher.

This is a tortoise and the hare example. The tortoise will get to the end, unlike the hair that is stuck relaxing and complacent with her single leap in success. Make videos through WebMotion Media that are built for success over time, while still throwing in some content that has serious viral potential.