Sometimes, people will make mistakes that can lead to issues in their lives. One of the worst things that a car owner can do is accidentally add the wrong type of fuel to their tank. While most cars require normal fuel, more and more have begun to require diesel instead. Switching the two can destroy a car and lead to costly repairs. Services like diesel in petrol engine Recovery can come help people that make this common mistake.

Why is the Wrong Type of Fuel Added?

It is very important for people to be aware of what type of fuel they are adding, preferably before they even begin to pump. As diesel pumps are wider than normal ones, it is less likely for people to put diesel in a car that requires regular fuel. It does happen more often that most people would realize, however. What normally happens is that someone will put normal fuel in the diesel vehicle without meaning to or realizing that they are doing so. In some cases, the pumps may be oddly marked or unclear as to which pump is for which fuel. Also, most people are accustomed to fueling a normal vehicle and haven't had to use diesel in the past. As more and more personal vehicles use diesel instead, people must adjust to this new habit.

What Should Someone Do If They Realize They Put in the Wrong Fuel?

If someone does accidentally place the wrong type of fuel into their vehicle, they should avoid started the ignition at all costs. The second that the car starts, the wrong fuel will be circulating through the entire fuel system of the vehicle and will reach the engine. As this occurs, massive damage can be done inside the car and its systems. In many cases, cars that are started and driven after using the wrong type of fuel will need new engines or extensive repair work. When the wrong type of fuel is added to a car, professional help will be needed. There are some services that will come straight away to wherever a person is stranded, either on the side of the road or at a gas station. The gas tank will be drained and cleared of the wrong fuel in car residue to prevent any issues, and the proper type of fuel will be added. This can happen fairly quickly to get people back on their way.

If anyone should put the wrong type of fuel into their car, they should avoid starting it and immediately find help. If a car is driven with the wrong fuel in car, the entire fuel system may be compromised. Engine trouble is also a major concern and can lead to expensive mechanical issues.