There is a type of saw blade that has diamonds fixed on its edge so that it can better cut hard and abrasive materials. There are several varieties of diamond saw blades. These blades can be referred to as diamond blades, diamond saw blades, angle grinder diamond blade, diamond cutting blade, concrete cutting blades, and circular diamond saw blades. There are also diamond gang saw blades and diamond band saw blades available for special uses. Many different saw blades can be made with diamonds fixed on their edges using electroplating, vacuum brazing, or sintering.

Diamond blades of different types are used to cut hard or abrasive materials like stone, asphalt, concrete, bricks, glass, and ceramics in the construction industry. The IT industry uses diamond saws to cut semiconductor materials. The gem industry uses special diamond saws to cut gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds. One can find a diamond cutting blade for special materials, including marble, iron, plastics, glass, and wood. There are special blades with a very large diamond grit for fire departments to use to tear through building materials fast when fighting fires.

Methods of manufacturing Blades With Diamonds

Electroplating is a manufacturing method used to add diamonds embedded in a metal coating to very thin blades. The most common metal coating is nickel. These blades can be very thin, yet strong. They are used for precise cuts.

In vacuum brazing, synthetic diamond particles are welded to the outside edge of a circular saw blade in a vacuum brazing furnace. The diamond particles will all be on the exterior cutting edge of the saw blade. There will be no metal-diamond mixture in this manufacturing method. Vacuum brazed blades can be made to user specifications to cut a variety of materials. The diamond particles form grits and can be fine, medium or large. The finer grits give a smoother finish while the larger grits cut faster.

Sintering is the most common method of producing diamond edged saw blades. These saw blades consist of a steel core and diamond segments. The diamond segments are made by combining metal powder and synthetic diamond crystals and then sintering them in a special furnace. There are three kinds of sintered metal-bonded diamond blades. The method of manufacturing them varies. There are wholly sintered, silver brazed, and laser welded diamond blades. Many of these blades need to be used with water for cooling.

The end use of the blades will determine which manufacturing process should be used. Suppliers such as are familiar with the many types of saw blades with diamonds. They can advise the purchaser on which blades will be best for the project they have. Please go to the website to find more information.