Ultra luxury is the definitive phrase for those who call the Kahala Beach Apartments of Oahu and the Regency Apartments of Honolulu their home. Hawaii is already filled with options for those in the elite. But, these two particular apartment buildings personify what it means to be extra wealthy, substantially luxurious, and part of an echelon of people that can take in and absorb the high-class living of Hawaii.

The Demand of Business

In late 2014, a single developer sold $783 million in apartments slated for construction over the next few years. This incredible step has reaffirmed something that was lacking during the housing crisis. The rich are buying back into Oahu and Honolulu, and they are bringing big money and big business.

The effect can ultimately encompass many business-minded individuals. It brings an energy of luxuriousness and valued investments into these areas of Hawaii. A Hawaii house market researcher, Ricky Cassiday, said it best. "The rich are coming back."

Demand Remains High

Thankfully, they are coming back in droves. That does have a side effect for the many thousands of people seeking a spot at the Kahala Beach Apartments. Kahala Real Estate is highly sought after. There are two principle buildings. The first is Regency Kahala, which is an even higher-end luxury building. It encompasses a high-rise structure in the metropolitan center of Honolulu. An apartment may come for sale only a few times a year, which makes demand astounding. The building has a handful of three bedroom apartments available, for lease as well as purchase.

The second is the Beach Apartments. These units are acclaimed for their surprisingly accessible luxuriousness. Many would think that an apartment overlooking Oahu Beach would be millions. Not all the Kahala Condos for sale require a million dollar price tag or higher. It is the brink of ultra luxury. The living is exceptional, but the price is arguably accessible for a whole other demographic of buyers.

Living on Oahu beach, for a part of the year or year-round, is a dream that can be realized. Speak with an agent to be on the top of the list for apartments with Kahala. It is possible to be part of a world that is reserved for a select few people with the resources and the commitment to realize their dream. Only a few apartments open up every year (with lease rates going to 2027). The waiting list is futile. Working with a reputable master Diamond Head Homes For Sale agent in Hawaii is the only entryway to these fantasy apartments.