Most people think of white diamonds, when they think of diamonds. In reality, there are several beautiful colors of rare diamonds that can be found. Among the colors to be found in diamonds are yellow, chocolate, blue, and pink. The colored diamonds are rare, and therefore, cost more to purchase. Because they are so rare, they make good investments when purchased from reputable companies such as the diamondenvy website at Purchasing diamonds from companies on the internet has the advantage of getting better pricing and a bigger selection to choose from.

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Good ratings for the company on Internet rating sites and good customer reviews.

The pink diamonds were discovered centuries ago and can be found in several locations around the world. Pink diamonds are mined in India, Brazil, and Australia. In the 1980s, the Argyle mine in NW Australia became the biggest producer of pink diamonds in the world and remains so. Pink diamonds are very rare with only 10,000 karats of pink diamonds out of over 30 million karats mined. Then, of those 10,000 karats of pink diamonds, only about 1,000 karats of pink weighed more than 0.20 ct in rough form. Pink diamonds get their color in a different way than other diamonds. The pink color is formed by an atomic-level lattice defect that scientists call plastic deformation. The pink diamonds are graded by the depth of color.

Pink diamonds are graded into categories of light, light fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy deep, and fancy dark. The more intense the color the rarer the stone and the more costly. Fancy dark pink diamonds are almost purple and can be worth millions of dollars. After color intensity, saturation, and tone these diamonds are graded by fluorescence, clarity, and shape. Up to 80% of pink diamonds show fluorescence. Up to one-half of pink diamonds are slightly included and having a little less clarity, but this does not hurt their value. When cutting pink diamonds, the round shape is avoided, because it makes them look fainter. Other fancy shapes are better at showing off the pink color.

These diamonds are beautiful in many types of jewelry including engagement rings. They show well combined with white or other colored diamonds and gems. Because of their rarity, they make a very good investment in loose gem form or in jewelry. For more information, please refer to the website.