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What are Signs of Hypoglycemia?

What is Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia which is commonly known as low blood sugar can severely impact your health leading to mood disorders or even mental illness. The condition is characterized with sugar levels falling below 70 mg/DL whereas normal blood sugars fall in between 80 to 120 mg/DL. A number of factors contribute towards the condition and can possibly accelerate the process. When treating hypoglycemia, some life style changes are required in diet and overall behavior.

It is often experienced that hypoglycemia occurs among type 1 diabetes patients due to over medication. The condition occurs when patients take too much insulin or do not ingest enough amount of food to balance their sugar requirements. When this happens, the affected person starts to become either confused or cannot speak properly. The low sugar levels start to affect vital organs inside the body. Whatever amount of sugar is left inside blood is used to sustain functionality of vital organs such as hearts and lungs, while the brain does not get enough amount of energy required to carry out its functions properly. This is the main reason why patients find it difficult to speak and make proper judgments during hypoglycemia.

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How it Occurs?

Hypoglycemia occurs when a person has low levels of sugars inside blood stream. It is caused due to insufficient absorption of glucose or high amount of insulin present in the body. In either situations, your body does not get the required quantity of glucose. It is normally observed that foods with higher amounts of fat are difficult to digest by diabetes patients. This delays the metabolism and results in hypoglycemia among diabetics.

There are three main reasons of hypoglycemia:

  • Low amount of carbs
  • Massive amounts of insulin in blood
  • Excessive exercise or workouts

Moreover, other medication in addition to insulin can also cause the condition to occur. People who suffer from liver disease or carry a tumor in pancreas are likely to develop hypoglycemia. Such conditions can trigger hormonal imbalance, which in turn accelerate the problem even further.

During diagnosis of the condition, the patients are advised to refrain from driving or doing exercise. Unless the cause of hypoglycemia are known, doctors recommend to take all precautionary measures to avoid further complications.

How to Cure Hypoglycemia?

The methods of treating hypoglycemic condition primarily depend on root cause of the problem. For most diabetic patients, the problem occurs due to high levels of insulin inside their blood. Under such conditions, they are required to adjust their dose in order to treat the condition.

The patients may also be advised to use glucose tablets and natural foods that are capable of providing instant glucose. Additionally, food with high fats or protein fiber must be avoided, since those take time to provide glucose for body cells. This is the main reason, why diabetes patients keep candies inside their pockets. Juices and candies are able to fulfill their requirements of sugar instantly. Find out how to remain free of diabetes using the diabetes free program.

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The Effects of Diabetes on Human Body

As most of you are familiar of the fact that diabetes is a metabolic disorder and usually denoted by high blood sugar levels. These levels produce a significant negative impact on the body by damaging the normal functioning of various organs. The condition of diabetes is referred as hypoglycemia especially when patient is suffering from high blood sugar. The problem occurs when the body has insufficient amount of insulin in blood or body cells lose their sensitivity for insulin.

The insulin hormone is produced by beta cells in pancreas and it is later absorbed by body cells to carryout metabolism activities. It is important to have a certain concentration of insulin inside blood to get absorbed by all cells in human body. When there is less or no insulin, the levels of sugar in blood start to rise and body starts to suffer from condition of high blood sugar.

Impact on Body Organs

The condition of high blood sugar leads to problem of diabetes. There are three types of diabetes, which are named as Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Before developing the condition of Type 2 diabetes, a person may already be suffering from prediabetes. The condition of prediabetes can be controlled and reversed by following specific diet and health techniques. Diabetes Free Program PDF book by Dr. David Pearson shows how to control and reverse diabetes within 3 weeks. The book is highly recommended even if you are not suffering from diabetes. It helps you to get familiar with the condition and take all necessary steps, which can help to prevent, control and reverse diabetes altogether.

Effect on Kidneys

Kidneys are most commonly affected organs, when a person develops diabetes condition. The high blood sugar levels generate signals that your body contains excessive among of glucose. So, kidneys start to work and try to remove that sugar from your body. The hyperglycemia exerts pressure on kidneys and their work gets quadrupled. When this happens, patient suffers from excessive urination.

The nephrons present inside kidneys can get damaged due to lots of work. A person may also start to lose protein via urine. Eventually, kidneys collapse and patient need either dialysis or kidney transplant to get rid of wastes from the body.

Effect on Eyes

No doubt, eyes are most vital organ in human body. The blood vessels in retina are fragile and can get damaged due to high blood sugar levels. When a patient suffers from diabetes, blood vessels and capillaries can get swallow up. This only happens, when a patient is not controlling the disease or unaware about it. The swallowing severely produces negative impact on vision of eyes. In severe cases, a patient may also suffer from complete blindness as a result of diabetes.

Effect on Cardiovascular System

As mentioned earlier, diabetes can affect blood vessels network inside human body. In long run, a person can develop conditions of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular problems. The deposition of glucose or sugar inside blood vessels can make them stiff and rigid. When they lose their elasticity, it leads to the condition of hypertension, stroke and various other heart problems.

Effect on Nerves

The nerves can get damaged as a result of diabetes. The condition is called diabetic neuropathy and can turn out to be a severe problem among diabetic patients. The symptoms of the problem include loss of sensitivity for hands, feeds and legs.

Apart from the above mentioned effects, diabetes also causes the body to lose its immunity. It makes you more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. The symptoms like loss of sensation and diabetic acidosis must not be taken lightly. It is important to cure diabetes in the right way to get rid of the problem on permanent basis. In contrast to conventional medication techniques, natural methods are considered the best way to treat all types of diabetes. It is recommended that you perform healthy exercises and take care of your diet to fight diabetes in the long run.

At the end, I highly recommend you to read Dr. David Pearson Diabetes Free Program eBook to control and reverse diabetes.

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