The rich and famous who buy clothing made exclusively for them by a tailor on Savile Row in London are familiar with the term "bespoke." At one time, bespoke only referred to custom-made clothing, but now bespoke is used to refer to many things that are made specifically to solve a problem unique to one enterprise.

Off-the-shelf software is designed to meet the needs of many potential purchasers. While a small company may be forced to make do with one-size-fits-all, this type of software can hinder growth and efficiency. When a business has unique needs, they need a unique solution, designed specifically for their business model.

What are the pros and cons of bespoke Software Development Melbourne? Would this benefit the organization or is packaged software good enough for the purpose?

The Pros of Bespoke Software

When all of the needs of the business are identified, addressed and fully met, this makes the organization more efficient and gives them a competitive edge. None of the competitors will have a right to use this software.
It's possible to implement custom software in phases. Start small and add on as needs change, the business grows or the budget permits.
The business has complete control over the project, making it possible to make changes when necessary.
It is not necessary to pay multiple licensing costs.
If changes are needed after the system is implemented, the people who designed the system are intimately familiar with it.

The Cons of Bespoke Software

It takes time to develop custom solutions, while packaged software is readily available.
A custom solution requires company decision-makers to take the time to detail exactly what the company needs the software to do.
Packaged software may be the cheapest solution.
If bespoke software does not meet the needs of the business after using it for a while, the Software Development investment has already been made.
A complete demo is not available for custom software before investing in the project.

The Ownership of the Source Code

Who will own the source code at the end of the project is a very important consideration when choosing a Software Development Company. Many developers retain ownership of the code. Since the source code is not needed in order for the application to run, the company may not be concerned. However, ownership of the source code becomes critical when changes must be made.

Mintec, a provider of custom software and business solutions in Melbourne, has a different approach to the ownership of source code. They believe that the customer who paid for the software is entitled to the source code. This policy concerning Software Development Melbourne should be seriously considered by anyone who believes that their company would benefit from bespoke software.

When a unique software solution would help your business grow to the next level, Mintec has the experience needed. They have been serving the needs of their Australian clients since 1979. Visit their website to learn more about how they could give your company a competitive advantage.