Marine Engines are designed to propel different types of watercraft through body of water. Some are intended to cover shorter distances while others are designed to travel around the world. When an engine has failed and repair is not an option, the owner must consider what to do about a replacement. Here are some points to keep in mind when comparing the merits of new and used engines.

The Expense

One of the first points to consider is how much it will cost to purchase a new engine. There is no doubt that Depco Power Systems are less expensive than new ones. Provided that the engine in question has been checked and does function efficiently, this can be a great way to save some money and still be able to use the boat for the intended purpose.

Keep in mind that choosing to invest in a used engine does mean purchasing one from a reputable dealer. Not every company offering used marine engines will take the time to check them thoroughly. Only work with a dealer who is known for providing an honest assessment of the engine condition. Doing so will mean the money spent will turn out to be a sound investment.

Performance Level

Another matter to consider closely is the performance level of the engine. This means finding out the type of fuel used, the horsepower that the engine provides, and how many hours are already logged for that engine. All of this information will provide clues into how well the engine will perform as a replacement. Getting help from a professional who knows how to understand the difference between a high and low hour rating will improve the odds of making the right choice.

The Warranty Terms

Depending on the seller, it may be possible to obtain some sort of warranty as part of the sale. This is especially true with large diesel marine engines that have relatively few hours. Take the time to read the warranty terms carefully. Doing so will make it easier to know what is and is not covered. Since some of the protections may only be in effect for a limited amount of time, make sure to identify how many months each event mentioned in the terms will remain covered.

For any ship or boat owner who is in need of a replacement engine, check out what Depco marine engines has to offer. Consulting with a representative will make it easier to identify the best options in terms of new, used, and even rebuilt engines.