Simply put, a crown is a protective cover for a tooth. There are many reasons why a dentist may recommend that a patient have a protective cover placed on the tooth, some of which include covering cracks or chips, protecting the tooth in the aftermath of a root canal, and even protecting teeth that have become weakened due to serious decay. If a patient needs to have one or more crowns placed, it may be beneficial for them to look into finding a dentist who uses CEREC technology. Although some patients may not be familiar with this recent technological development, it has myriad advantages to offer them. Here is a brief explanation of some of those advantages:

These days, many patients are demanding a higher level of convenience from their dentist. Fortunately, CEREC crowns can help them get exactly what they want. This is because CEREC crowns (also known as same-day crowns) only take a few hours for a dentist upper st clair to create and place on the patient's tooth. While traditional crows often take a week or more to come back from the lab, CEREC technology ensures that patients won't have a lengthy timeline for restorative treatment or have to worry about making multiple visits to the dentist to have a permanent crown placed.

The process of creating a traditional crown requires a dentist upper st clair pa to send the impression of the tooth off to a lab where the crown will be manufactured. While the patient is waiting on a permanent crown, many dentists recommend that they wear a temporary crown. Unfortunately, these temporary crowns can be unsightly (which means they don't match the rest of the teeth in the patient's mouth) and are often uncomfortable. Finding a dentist that uses CEREC technology means that patients will no longer have to endure this discomfort since their crowns will be ready the same day.

One of the best things about CEREC crowns is that they offer more efficient and accurate impressions than the traditional method of dental crown creation. Normally, a dentist upper st clair would have to use a goopy substance to make an (often quite messy) impression of the tooth before sending it to a lab to that would use the impression to make the permanent crown. CEREC technology allows for digital impressions. Not only are these digital impressions much more accurate, but they also allow for better color matching. This all results in a better, stronger final crown for the patient.

Although traditional crowns have worked as a restorative solution for years, CEREC technology has allowed dentists to take patient convenience and comfort to the next level. Patients who want to know more about the extensive benefits of CEREC crowns can visit to learn additional information that will help them understand how a CEREC crown can help give them a smile that's both beautiful and fully functional.