Although teeth are the strongest part of the body, they have a major weakness: they can be easily destroyed by acid. This is a weapon used to ruin a smile and is also found in many drinks people consume regularly, more or less. The acidic pH value is calculated using a pH ladder. The lower pH of a drink, the more acidic. Many common beverages have a low pH, meaning they are very acidic and, therefore harmful to teeth. Visiting a Trusted dentist in Lexington sc invisalign, SC can help you determine how much damage your teeth have suffered due to acidic drinks.

Saliva usually has a pH around 6.5, which is a healthy level for teeth. When the pH hits 5.5, the enamel begins to dissolve. When drinking something whose pH is below 5.5, the enamel begins decomposing. Of course, you can consume drinks like this and still maintain healthy teeth, because other factors are in play. What is clear, though, is that excessive drinking is not recommended at all. Here some of the drinks that a pediatric dentist in Lexington SC states you should stay away from drinking regularly.

While sports drinks are very effective when it comes to rehydrating the body, its acid content can damage teeth as most of them have a pH below 3. For example, Powerade has a pH level of 2.75 while Gatorade has a level of 2.95. Fruit is good for the body, but eating the actual fruit is best for your smile. Juices can range widely, for instance, orange juice has a pH around 3.5 while lemon juice is at 2.0.

Soft drinks or carbonated drinks have very low pH levels. This is because carbon dioxide is combined with carbonic acid. This drink have a pH of 2.5. However, excellent Lexington SC dental care involves the lessened use of these types of drinks. Even vegetable juices have low pH levels, usually around 4.1.

Tea has a normal pH around 7.2, but some tea fall to 3 pH due to other substances that are added during production. If you want iced tea, it is best to do it yourself at home. Flavored waters have become fashionable lately but they also have a low acid level, about 3.2. Many wines are acidic, around pH 3.3. In general, the sweeter wines are more acidic. To learn more about how drinks and food can destroy your teeth, it is best to schedule a consult with a local affordable Lexington SC dentist.