Your Flushing Dentist may recommend dental veneers to correct the appearance of your teeth. This treatment method is often used to correct uneven tooth spacing or alignment, chips and/or cracks in teeth, worn tooth enamel or tooth discoloration. Before you agree to this treatment procedure, ensure you have a basic understanding of what it involves. Following are some frequently asked questions when it comes to dental veneers.

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

The typical veneer lasts for a period of anywhere from seven to 20 years. This time frame depends on numerous factors, including gum shrinkage, damage to the veneer and more. When a veneer comes loose, your Dentist In Flushing NY may be able to rebond it. In the event the veneer becomes chipped, it may be rebonded or the dentist may need to replace it.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Veneers?

This varies by dental plan, but some major carriers do cover up to half of the customary fee for this treatment option. You will need to check with your dental insurance provider to determine how much they will cover and how much you will be required to pay.

How Are Dental Veneers Attached to the Teeth?

The first step of the process involves removing a small portion of the tooth, typically 0.5mm, to fit the veneer and provide a surface for it to bond to. Depending on the type of veneer selected, you may be required to wear temporary veneers or your veneers may be created in your mouth. Ask your Flushing Dentist which option will be used.

Will the Teeth Be More Sensitive Following Placement of the Veneers?

The placement of veneers can make the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold. This is due to the removal of a small section of the enamel of the treated tooth. In most cases, this sensitivity disappears in only a few days.

What Are Some of the Benefits Associated with Veneers?

Veneers are known to be esthetically pleasing and they help to protect the surface of your teeth. In addition, the use of veneers can, in some situations, help you avoid the need for more intensive work, such as orthodontics.

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