The direct, semi-direct and indirect restorations are three different methods to repair teeth with restorative materials or fillings. A dentist anchorage uses each method because it has its own benefits and drawbacks and fits better with other kinds of circumstances. A local dentist may find one fits better for you than another even though you believe a separate one may benefit you more. However, leave it up to the dentist because they are the professionals.

Direct restorations

They are known fillings or reconstructions that use composites that are placed directly into the cavities caused by tooth decay. This biocompatible material is applied in layers and strengthens instantly by polymer lights, and so, direct restoration offers a full recovery immediately following the dental treatment itself.

Semi-direct restorations

The semi-direct restorations are used to repair larger areas. They are similar to direct fillings that were previously discussed, but, in this case, the restoration can be removed and be prepared without using the tooth. Once the filling has been prepared, it is cemented to the tooth. These restorations can also use the CAD / CAM technology to create inlays, as this technology allows the Anchorage Dentist to create restorations consisting of harder and more durable porcelain and do so without the need to manufacture them to the laboratory, but in the dental clinic, even during the same visit.

Indirect restorations

Indirect restorations are used when a complex or large restoration is required. Basically, when there is not enough healthy anatomy remaining in the tooth to be able to carry out a conventional restoration or filling, an indirect restoration can replace most of the dental anatomy or body. This procedure cannot be performed on the same tooth and often requires more than one visit to the dentist to make this type of prosthesis. If you have a damaged or have suffered dental decay, go ahead and ask your local dentist for an appointment. He or she will carry out the dental restoration to recover functionality, health and aesthetics of your teeth.

Keep in mind that routine care and regular visits to a Dentist Anchorage can alleviate many problems people have with their teeth. There are plenty of instances where restorations of this type cannot be performed because the patient waited too long to visit a dentist. In this case, the tooth is usually removed. However, the lost tooth can be replaced with a dental implant so you do not lose any masticatory function. Visit to learn more.
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