There are many reasons a person may need dentures. Those who have begun losing their teeth to the aging process or due to damage from trauma may end up needing dentures so they can smile with confidence and enjoy eating again. Though traditional dentures can be helpful for many people, there is now a better option. Many dental offices across the country are offering Implant Supported Full Arch Cases. These dentures attack to titanium implants that are implanted down in the jawbone so they stay in place permanently.

The first step in this process is making an impression of the person's gum plates so they can be sent to the dental lab. The lab will create a wax-up model of the proposed dental appliance so the patient and the dentist can see how the finished product will look once it has been installed. The dentist will need to make sure any teeth that have been left behind are removed so these will not get in the way of the denture appliance. These appliances can be applied to the upper or lower gum plates or on both for a full mouth restoration.

The next step in the process is the most crucial and also the most invasive portion of restoring a patient's smile with an implant attached denture. The dentist will need to implant the titanium implants at precise locations on the gum plate. Titanium is used because it is the only metal that can fully bond with bone tissue. Once the dentist has implanted the implants, they begin the bonding process.

The bonding process can take three to six months to be complete. During this time, the patient will need to take care of their gums and see their dentist on a regular basis to check their bone fusing progress. Once the dentist is assured the implants are fully bonded, the finished denture appliance can be put in place so the patient's smile is complete.

Today's permanent dentures offer patients a complete, durable smile so they can be free of their smile woes once and for all. With these appliances, people can feel more confident and finally resume eating the foods they love.