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MOONCHILD drawing series - Akari Shimotsuki #1

Hey! Been a while I didn't posted some draw there, as I work a lot on my debut EP and my studies. Anyway, I present you my first own character of my "Moonchild" drawing series, named Akari Shimotsuki (霜月 あかり) !

I've been inspired a lot by space, fantasy and magical girl for this character. Ribbons are an idea from Rewrite's Kagari, meanwhile for constellations dress, it came from my own mind, with a think of Wish Upon The Pleiades. I also imagined her as if she was a new Touhou Project character. Akari will be my official avatar of my music project Demetra. I also think to make songs called Akari or Moonchild in the future, but not sure.

If you are interested to make fan art of Akari, tell my in the comments or by private message! I could send you then other drawing with some specific details of the character (image)

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